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Scaling the Abyss—Nine 'Buys' If Nation Falls Off ‘Fiscal Cliff’

Jim Cramer

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Nine 'Buys' If US Goes Over ‘Fiscal Cliff’

Jim Cramer certainly doesn't want the nation to fall off the "fiscal cliff." He doesn't even think it's a foregone conclusion.

But if we do go over, he believes panicked investors will sell with abandon taking the market down 10 percent broadly. Amid that panic and broad selling, pros will be looking for opportunity, Cramer said.

That is, pros will put together a buy list of favorite stocks with strong fundamentals and good solid management teams and then — as others run for the exits — they'll enjoy a little bargain shopping.

Are you ready to play the market like a pro? If so, Cramer wants to give you a leg up.

The following are the stocks that will be on his radar — if we go over the cliff. Cramer said these stocks are just too darn attractive to let slide by.

By CNBC's Lee Brodie with Reuters; published Dec. 12, 2012

Jonathan K. Li | CNBC