Treasure Detectives

Andy Smith

Andy's X-Factor
Andy is part of Curtis Dowling's team of counterfeit investigators. Andy explains what he brings to the team, how his people skills give him an advantage and how he makes people feel at ease.

Andy Smith is the treasure detective with people skills. These skills put him in a position to uncover valuable information and generate leads on items that may otherwise be overlooked.

Andy has been known to conduct investigations in some unsuspecting places, including the local bar.

Part of the "Treasure Detectives" team, Andy helps the group meet collectors and verify the authenticity of collectibles, artwork and antiquities using innovative technology and street smarts. The Treasure Detectives determine whether the items are sophisticated forgeries or extremely valuable collectors' items…answers that could cost or earn owners a small fortune.


Contact Treasure Detectives

  • Do you have an item that you want the Treasure Detectives to investigate? Contact us at TreasureDetectivesTV@gmail.com

Meet the Team

  • Curtis has over 20 years' experience in fine arts and antiques and he hates fakes! He is on a mission to help people discover the truth and put the fakers and forgers out of business.

  • Catherine Knebel is Curtis Dowling's research assistant and a treasure detective with an auctioneer's background.

  • Andy is the treasure detective with people skills. People like Andy and he can get them to talk and give him valuable information.