The Car Chasers

Eric: The Assistant

Eric's Electrifying Hobby
When he's not working on car projects, Eric is busy working on his other passion: high voltage experiments. A self-confessed amateur electrical engineer, he displays some of his pet projects, including a functioning Tesla Coil and Jacob's ladder.

Don't let his awkward demeanor fool you, Eric Ables knows what he's talking about when it comes to the inner workings of a car. The mad scientist, Eric will happily delve into the minutiae of dissecting old car parts, and would love nothing more than to have an in depth discussion about the function of a tri carburetor.

He's been known to tinker and research for days at a time on a car, completely abandoning the comfort of a good night's sleep or a hot meal, until he comes up with a new and innovative way to solve a problem, in turn, making more money for the shop. Along with Perry, Jeff has full faith in Eric's mechanical abilities to solve any puzzle.


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