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Power Pitch: Songza

Songza Profile

What is the mission of your company?

Songza's mission is to make the things you do every day better. We do that by matching your situational context (i.e. what you're doing right now) with an expertly-curated playlist that will enhance it).

Explain your business model - how do you make money?

Songza makes money in three ways right now: 1) display ads on web and mobile 2) sponsored, branded playlists that involve our team of music experts working with brands to create perfect playlists that make something their audience does every day better (it could be cleaning, sleeping, cooking, working out, waking up, entertaining, etc.) 3) we have created a platform that companies can build on top of to offer a co-branded version of Songza tailored to their audience (see BlackPlanet for an example).

Who do you compete with in this space and how are you different?

Other services in the music space, like Pandora and Spotify, focus on access to music: tell them the name of the artist, song, or album that you want, and they'll give you access to that and music similar to it. We don't believe 'access' is the key consumer pain point. We think the unanswered question is "With 20,000,000 songs one click away, what should I listen to right now?" More importantly, we recognize that for most people, listening to music isn't actually an activity. Rather, it's something that they leverage, in the background, to enforce a mood or change a mood - to make them run faster or entertain better. By getting to the heart of that (i.e. curating a soundtrack to your life based what you are actually doing and our expert-curation), we provided an easier and more fulfilling experience.

Where are your headquarters?

Long Island City, NY. Right near the Pepsi-Cola sign.

Number of full-time employees?


Year Founded?

We started working on Songza full time in September of 2010.

Funds Raised?

Approx. 12 Million

Key Investors?

Amazon.com, William Morris Endeavor, Troy Carter (Lady Gaga's manager), John McAteer (Managing Director, US Sales @ Google), Brian Lee (co-founder, ShoeDazzle, LegalZoom, Honest Co.), Geoff Judge (co-founder, 24/7 Real Media), Metamorphic Ventures, Deep Fork Capital.

Prior experience

We founded AmieStreet.com in 2006 from our dorm rooms at Brown. We sold AmieStreet.com's brand and customer base to Amazon in 2010 to focus on Songza.


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