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The Power Pitch is a weekly series on CNBC's Power Lunch featuring the CEO/Founders of some of the most cutting-edge early stage start-ups in the world as they pitch the new business they believe will catapult them to explosive success. It's a fast-paced 5-minute window into the mind of a new generation of entrepreneur as he or she embarks on a new venture, with bold ideas, and big dreams to pioneer change.

Each segment starts with 60 seconds on the clock, and the pressure is on for the founder to deliver a 1-minute "Power Pitch." It's an intimate one-on-one, eye-to-eye format where a new wave business innovator is pressed to reveal their big plan to turn an idea into an empire. When the clock runs out the host and guests rate the pitch and shift into overdrive with an unscripted, real-time Q&A filled with even greater insight into the founder, the idea, the money behind it, the plan to turn a profit and the chances for success.

Power Pitch is a revealing look at a bold new world, where innovation is king and a new way to think is the only way to survive. The series shines a light on a new wave of fearless leaders, bold ideas, fascinating trends, big money and avant-garde technology… Power Pitch doesn't just inform… it inspires.

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