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Arianna Huffington: A Fishbowl Into the Newsroom

My office has views of Broadway and the HuffPost newsroom. It's all about transparency. I can see out, and everyone can see in.

Things accumulate. As you can see, I keep some books around. On the window ledge are photos of my daughters, my sister Agapi, and my mother. On my desk: more books, my computer (perennially tuned to HuffPost's front page), and two gorgeous hand-carved wooden figurines given to me by our partners in an upcoming venture: HuffPost Japan.

How do I wish it would look? I guess I should say I wish my desk looked clean and organized, but I actually don't. I aspire to be a person who aspires to have a clean desk!

-- Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief at AOL's Huffington Post Media Group

Source: Ariana Huffington | Linkedin