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Herb Greenberg: The Best Seat in the House

I sit smack in the middle of the newsroom in an environment that at times is electric; other times, crazy; at no time good for concentration.

This is my desk at CNBC. It is hard not to be impressed with CNBC's newsroom/studio, which is the size of an airplane hangar.

Live TV is always happening. I have four computer screens and one TV screen. One screen is devoted entirely to my stocks monitor. Another is email. The other two are work screens with various (often way too many) web browsers open.

My chair is a HumanScale Freedom Chair -- a version of the one I use at home. And my view is straight out -- seeing everything that goes on in the newsroom. I've been known to scream toward the set during a live show if I disagree with something somebody says!

-- Herb Greenberg, CNBC Reporter

Adam Jeffery | CNBC