American Greed Episode 68: Michael Vorce: Shipwrecked!

Case File

Michael Vorce: Shipwrecked!

  • Michael Vorce is a twenty-something playboy living it up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. By all appearances Vorce makes millions buying and selling luxury yachts. And with all the boats he buys, he is able to borrow millions from banks. But when the loans come due, questions float to the surface, like 'Where are all the boats' and 'Where is all the money?'

Web Exclusives

  • Inside the Loan Scam

    Investigators explain Michael Vorce's signature tricks for bamboozling bankers and coaxing them to reveal the criteria that might raise red flags.

  • The Investigation

    Special Agent Wayne Jackowski explains how the quest to capture Vorce led the FBI to Chicago.

  • View the transcript of the hearing in which Michael Vorce pleaded guilty before a judge in Grand Rapids.

  • View the statements sent by Michael Vorce to American Greed from prison by email.

  • View the statements sent by Ryan Steensma to American Greed from prison by email.