Text, Lies and Audio Tape

In June 2004, FBI agents recorded Randy Treadwell, Rick Sluder, and Larry Saturday discussing their learn Waterhouse scam at length.

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  • Where the Money Is

    The American Greed Report: Vice President of Loss Prevention at the National Retail Federation Bob Moraca explains why “health and beauty aids” are big targets for shoplifting gangs. All-new American Greed Mondays 10P ET/PT

  • How Pimp Blue Diamond Controlled his Prostitutes

    American Greed Web Exclusive: Detective Sergeant Edward A. Price of the Michigan State Police explains how Dr. Gary Kimmel’s rental tenant at Marina City, pimp and money laundering partner Robert Lewis “Blue Diamond,” controlled his sex workers. All-new American Greed Mondays 10P ET/PT

  • What was in Homer Marciniak’s Comic Book Collection?

    American Greed Web Exclusive: Comic book expert Gary Colabuono details the gems on Homer Marciniak’s comic books list and explains the rarity of his collection and why it was so valuable. All-new American Greed Mondays 10P ET/PT

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Stacy Keach

“American Greed” is narrated by stage, screen, and television actor Stacy Keach. He is best known for his portrayal of Detective Mike Hammer and his Golden Globe-winning portrayal of Ernest Hemingway.

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