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Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese played to the audience during her fall 2013 collection, which looked to New York girls for inspiration. The looks were heavy on animal prints, including cheetah and zebra, and used alternative fabrics such as neoprene.

During the show, models walked through a portion of the audience, while one of them carried a Siamese cat. The runway adjustment created several additional front-row seats, prized among attendees, for the show.

"That's always important — we definitely don't want to lose any because you want as many people to be there where it's all at," Reese said. "Back in the day, the runways were off the floor, and you could see the shoes and everything and now only the front row even sees the feet. They're the only ones who see the most important accessory, which is the shoes. So we always want to have plenty of front row."

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