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By the Numbers: ETF Fund Flows

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The ETF business is booming -- assets under management jumped 25 percent last month to a record $1.4 trillion. In fact, it's one of the few areas in the financial services business that is growing robustly.

ETFs track indexes and provide broad diversification, similar to mutual funds, though inherent differences exist between the two products. The ETF space represents only one-tenth of the mutual fund industry, but ETFs' traction is growing as retail investors embrace them as a fast, efficient and economical way to trade.

So far in 2013, fund flows for international equity, U.S. equity and international fixed income are leading the charts.

Stock ETFs, in particular, have gained momentum, attracting $29 billion in assets in January, on top of $121 billion last year. At this rate, stock ETFs are on track to nearly triple last year's inflows.

Both stock ETFs and mutual funds saw four-consecutive weeks of inflows in January, according to ICI. However, stock mutual funds shed more than $152 billion in assets last year.

January 2013 Fund Flows

Asset Class Net Flows ($mm) AUM ($mm) % of AUM
U.S. Equity 12769 653315 1.95%
International Equity 16307 357615 4.56%
U.S. Fixed Income 753 226695 0.33%
International Fixed Income 1062 26685 3.98%
Commodities -617 118880 -0.52%
Currency 84 2784 3.03%
Leveraged -859 13819 -6.21%
Inverse 675 16845 4.01%
Asset Allocation 203 2703 7.51%
Alternatives 393 3378 11.64%
Total: 30770 1422718 2.16%
Source: IndexUniverse

2012 Fund Flows

Asset Class Net Flows ($mm) AUM ($mm) % of AUM
U.S. Equity 68961 607026 11.36%
International Equity 52116 332454 15.68%
U.S. Fixed Income 43981 226889 19.38%
International Fixed Income 11780 25882 45.51%
Commodities 10218 118093 8.65%
Currency -1476 2690 -54.87%
Leveraged -873 13584 -6.43%
Inverse -62 16646 -0.37%
Asset Allocation 755 2404 31.41%
Alternatives 2963 3247 91.26%
Total: 188363 1348915 13.96%
Source: IndexUniverse
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