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Big—And Even Bizarre—Busts and Seizures


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Big – and Even Bizarre – Busts and Seizures

Confiscating contraband or ill-gotten gains from bad guys is a big part of the job for law enforcers. Whether it's billions in assets of white collar criminals or multimillions worth of drugs, stolen items, or even an ancient dinosaur skeleton, a seizure can serve different purposes.

Authorities seize assets like $18 million yachts in white collar cases to liquidate and auction them off to help pay back victims. When it comes the criminal world, a seizure of say $180 million worth of cocaine found on a submarine in the Caribbean removes illicit goods from the market, in addition to providing evidence to build a prosecution.

What are some of the major seizures and big busts in recent years? Click on to see 10 cases that were record-breaking, major, or just bizarre.

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By Jeanine Ibrahim
Posted 19 Feb. 2013

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