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Cramer’s Crazy Costumes

In celebration of our 8th anniversary, the staff of "Mad Money" wanted to prepare something special ahead of the blockbuster show we're planning for Friday, March 15th. And we thought what better way to whet your appetite than with a look back at a fan favorite—Cramer's crazy costumes from the past year.

Cramer always goes to great lengths to grab the attention of individual investors and help them understand the stock market. Sometimes that includes dressing in crazy costumes to illustrate a critical point or a key idea. Over the past year, Cramer has donned some pretty outrageous outfits. In the following, you'll find eight of our absolute favorites. Cramer may be a master of disguise, but there's no hiding his love for the ticker tape even behind these get ups.

By Lee Brodie and the staff of "Mad Money"

posted March 6, 2013