Fast Money

Championship — Google vs. Bank of America

Semifinals — Honeywell vs. Bank of America

Semifinals — Google vs. Disney

Round of Eight — Transocean vs. Honeywell

Round of Eight — Visa vs. Bank of America

Round of Eight — Google vs. eBay

Regional Semifinals Round 2 — Visa vs. Citigroup

Regional Semifinals Round 1 — Google vs. Apple and More

Round 2 Part 1: Oracle vs. Microsoft, Part 2: Morgan Stanley vs. JPMorgan

Round 1 — Part 1: Apple vs. Hewlett-Packard and More, Part 2: AIG vs. Goldman Sachs and More

Your Stock Picks Count During the Fast Money Madness Challenge

We start with 64 stocks, but there can only be one that is the best in the land. That's where the "Fast Money" traders AND YOU come in, as you get to play along on Twitter during each round of the tournament.

For the next three weeks on "Fast Money" (5 p.m. ET), the four panelists will vigorously debate the stock match-ups in our 64-stock bracket. There will never be any ties because your Twitter vote counts as the fifth trader.

For each game to be played that night, just tweet your TICKER PICKS using the hashtag #fastmoneymadness. Follow @cnbcfastmoney each day for the details on which match-ups to be played that night.

Then watch "Fast Money" each night to see your how your pick gets in the game! UNLIKE the real tourney's bracket, you get to keep playing along all the way until we find a national champion stock.

The teams for the Fast Money Madness bracket were selected based on current investor sentiment, analyst ratings and recent performance. The four sector "regions" are Technology, Health & Home, Financials and Industrial. The No. 1 seeds are Google, Amazon, Bank of America and United Technology. But watch out for possible Cinderellas like Facebook, Netflix and AIG.

See the full bracket below.

TD Ameritrade expresses no opinion on these companies.