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CNBC Meets: President Bill Clinton, Part One

In the first part of this episode, Tania Bryer talks to the 42nd President of the U.S., William Jefferson Clinton, one of the world's most iconic political figures, in his home town of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Nicknamed both "boy governor" and the "comeback kid," the former president speaks candidly about his childhood. He talks of the lack of longevity of the men in his family, and how that fact compelled him to achieve so much early on in his life.

"I've already outlived every man on both sides of my family,until you get to my maternal great-grandfather," Clinton explains. "I was always in a frantic hurry to do whatever I had to do because I never knew how much time I had."

The former president also details the other influences in his path to the White House via the Arkansas Governor's Mansion. He references his tough but wonderful childhood, his rigorous Jesuit training at Georgetown University,his decision to not pursue a career in Jazz, and, of course, his wife, Hillary Clinton.


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