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Exploding airbags lead to Nissan recalls   Fri, 17 Apr '15 | 6:30 AM ET
Exploding airbags lead to Nissan recalls

CNBC's Kate Rogers reports on another Nissan airbag recall.

Declines in iron ore price just started: Pro

Warren Gilman, chairman & CEO of CEF Holdings, says the price of iron ore isn't going to rebound anytime soon, with the occurrences of mine closures likely to continue.

IMF: We expect to be paid on time   Fri, 17 Apr '15 | 9:00 AM ET
IMF: We expect to be paid on time

Poul Thomsen, director of the European department at the IMF, says they have received no request from Greece to delay the IMF loan repayment.

Does South Korea's economy need more stimulus?

Choi Kyung Hwan, finance minister of South Korea, says the country's economy is starting to recover after last year's expansionary policies, noting the government will inject stimulus later this year if necessary.

Shaking things up in Singapore's telco sector

Malcolm Rodrigues, CEO of MyRepublic, explains how the internet service provider wants to make a difference in Singapore's mobile landscape.

Strange finds on Etsy

E-commerce site Etsy has everything from $6,000 dollar dog dresses to a six-foot tall shoe. CNBC checks out a few of the strange finds on the site.

Airware ready to take flight   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 3:25 PM ET
Airware ready to take flight

After four years in development, Airware's technology is ready for lift off, reports CNBC's Josh Lipton. The San Francisco-based startup, has raised more than $40 million from top-tier VC firms.

Talking to Putin   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 11:43 AM ET
Talking to Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russian public, took questions, and had some testy exchanges with anchors in his yearly "Direct Line with Putin," which this year lasted four hours. CNBC's Dina Gusovsky breaks down the most important headlines.

It's 'crunchtime' for Greece: Kraemer   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 11:00 AM ET
It's 'crunchtime' for Greece: Kraemer

Moritz Kraemer, chief sovereign ratings officer at Standard & Poor's, says that it's a "race against the clock" for Greece, with all easy options off the table.

IMF: Greece has bigger problems than debts   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 11:20 AM ET
IMF: Greece has bigger problems than debts

David Lipton, deputy managing director at the IMF, says the more important issue for Greece is whether its government can get the economy growing and stable again.

Is the property market booming or bubbling?   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 11:15 AM ET
Is the property market booming or bubbling?

Peter Hobbs, research managing director at MSCI,discusses property markets across the world.

Google denies anti-competitive behavior   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 11:21 AM ET
Google denies anti-competitive behavior

CNBC's Sara Eisen talks with Margrethe Vestager, European Union antitrust commissioner about what happens next beyond charges against Google.

First 'Star Wars' movie in a decade   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 11:54 AM ET
First 'Star Wars' movie in a decade

R2-D2 joins CNBC's Julia Boorstin at a "Star Wars" fan convention. Disney wants to resassure die-hard fans

Giselle retires from modeling   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 7:40 AM ET
Giselle retires from modelling

CNBC's Kate Rogers on the end of a super-modelling career.

Is the EU biased against US companies?   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 9:16 AM ET
Does the EU have a bias against US companies?

CNBC's Sara Eisen talks with Margrethe Vestager, European Union antitrust commissioner about antitrust complaints against Google and whether there's any bias against US companies.

Russian PM holds annual call-in   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 5:00 AM ET
Russian PM holds annual call-in

The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is holding his annual phone-in, where ordinary Russians are invited to ask him questions.

Huawei launches P8 smartphone: CEO   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 4:35 AM ET
Huawei launches P8 smartphone: CEO

Huawei unveiled its flagship P8 smartphone yesterday. CNBC catches up with Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, and asks him about his target audience in Western markets.

Equities will continue to do fine: Larry Fink

Larry Fink, BlackRock chairman & CEO, shares his thoughts on how low interest rates are driving investors to stocks.

Greek default would be 'slow-death scenario': Strategist

Thanos Vamvakidis, head of European G10 FX strategy at BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research, says a Greek default wouldn't happen overnight, but would be a "slow-death scenario."

Why EU investors fancy US Treasurys   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 5:00 AM ET
Why EU investors fancy US Treasurys

Will Geisdorf, global strategist at Ned Davis Research Group, says that an interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve is "data dependent" and while he expects the data to be good, he sees a hike in September, not June.

UK 'suffering' over runway indecision: CEO   Thu, 16 Apr '15 | 2:15 AM ET
UK 'suffering' over runway indecision: CEO

Dubai Airports CEO, Paul Griffiths, tells CNBC that the U.K. has been suffering from the indecision over whether to build a new runway at Gatwick or Heathrow airports.

Charm is not 'one size fits all': Charisma coach

Charisma Coach, Richard Reid, says campaigning politicians should be accentuating their natural strengths, but ensuring there's content behind the curtain.

Anti-trust probe could hit Google's business: Law expert

Renato Nazzini, law professor at King's College London, says the European Commission's antitrust investigation into Google has the potential to significantly interference with how the internet giant does business.

Why China's 7% growth target is 'too high'   Wed, 15 Apr '15 | 11:12 PM ET
Why China's 7% growth target is 'too high'

Paul Gruenwald, chief economist, Asia Pacific at Standard and Poor's Ratings, says China may struggle to reach its 2015 growth target as the problem of oversupply persists.

OECD: Japan's QQE is successful   Wed, 15 Apr '15 | 8:15 PM ET
OECD: Japan's QQE is successful

Randall Jones, head of Japan and Korea Desk at OECD, says the Bank of Japan's quantitative and qualitative easing (QQE) program has worked to lift inflation expectations, but stresses the need to speed up reforms.

Hockey: Focus on positive elements in Australia

Joe Hockey, Treasurer of Australia, says a weaker Aussie dollar is helping exporters and even with unemployment at 6.3 percent, the country is seeing strong job advertisements.

Drop in 'unbanked' population most prominent here

According to the 2014 Global Findex report, the world's "unbanked" population saw the fastest drop in countries like China and Sub-Saharan Africa, says Leora Klapper, leader, Global Findex Task Team at the World Bank.

China turning slowly, US will benefit: Pro   Wed, 15 Apr '15 | 3:03 PM ET
China turning slowly, US will benefit: Pro

There is a global growth story and the U.S. will benefit, says Jack Bouroudjian, Index Financial Partners. Nathan Bachrach, SimplyMoney.com; CNBC's Rick Santelli; and Keith Fitz-Gerald, MoneyMorning.com; provide perspective.

A protester jumps on the table in front of the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi during a news conference in Frankfurt, April 15, 2015.

Mario Draghi's news conference has been disrupted by protesters.

ECB: Confetti protester claimed to be journalist

The ECB says the woman who dumped confetti on Mario Draghi during a news conference registered as a journalist, reports CNBC's Carl Quintanilla.