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Ahead of the firm's listing at 1400 in Singapore, Chua Hsien Yang, CEO at Keppel DC REIT Management, introduces the data center real estate investment trust and its growth outlook.

Easing inflation and growth being one of the fastest in the region justify the central bank's decision to keep its key interest rate steady, says Amando Tetangco, Governor of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

The implementation of Abenomics depends more on whether Prime Minister Abe can convince his own party to support him, instead of number of seats won, says Tobias Harris, Analyst at Teneo Intelligence.

Mark Grant, Managing Director at Southwest Securities, says divisions among euro zone countries will likely impede the roll out of quantitative easing.

Sony hack exposes racist emails  Thu, 11 Dec '14 | 2:52 PM ET

CNBC's Julia Boorstin discusses embarrassing emails from Sony executives exposed by the recent hack attack.

Speaking at the New York Times DealBook conference, actress Jessica Alba tells CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin about what drove her to start her business, The Honest Co.

Week of Uber backlash: Bans & lawsuits  Thu, 11 Dec '14 | 4:47 PM ET

Following lawsuits against Uber from DA offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Chicago has developed an app to help taxis compete with the service. Details, with CNBC's Kate Rogers.

Is Ferrari about to leave Italy?  Thu, 11 Dec '14 | 7:30 AM ET
Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari, super cars, italy, london

The snap presidential election in Greece is not a gamble for Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, Vassilis Kikilias, minister of public order and citizen protection for Greece, said.

ECB loan take-up meets expectations  Thu, 11 Dec '14 | 5:20 AM ET

The European Central Bank allotted 129.84 billion euros ($162 billion) in the second round of its targeted long-term refinancing operation (TLTRO). Gemma Godfrey, head of investment strategy at Brooks Macdonald Asset Management, discusses the results.

Quantitative easing was a success for the U.S., however will full-blown QE provide the same results for Europe? Nick Carn, founder of Carn Macro Advisors, considers this further.

TLTRO auction will be a 'huge failure': Pro  Thu, 11 Dec '14 | 2:30 AM ET

Markus Schomer, chief economist at PineBridge Investments, says the European Central Bank's TLTRO program is "ill-designed" and will be a "huge failure".

Relax, bad data won't rock Japan's boat: Pro  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 6:55 PM ET

Joe Zidle, Portfolio Strategist, Richard Bernstein Advisors, says a worse-than-expected machinery orders for October may fuel more stimulus, which will benefit Japan's market in the long run.

The key in Garrett Brands' expansion plans  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 8:48 PM ET

Lance Chody, Owner and CEO of Garrett Brands, says the U.S.-based popcorn store "resonates with people around the world" and that helps its expansion strategy.

How Time picks its 'Person of the Year'  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 7:35 PM ET

Zoher Abdoolcarim, Asia Editor of TIME International, describes the mechanisms behind the shortlisting of the magazine's annual "Person of the Year."

HK student leader: Protests not in vain  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 8:03 PM ET

Alex Chow, Secretary General of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, tells CNBC's Emily Tan that "Occupy Central" has succeeded in triggering more social and political awareness in the city.

Why the visit to India matters for Putin  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 5:51 PM ET

President Vladimir Putin will want to bring away "as much as he can" from his visit to India to show that Russia isn't totally banned by its international peers, says Thomas Pickering, Former U.S. ambassador to India and Russia.

Vadim Zlotnikov, Chief Market Strategist and Co-Head of Multi-asset Solutions at AllianceBernstein, recommends investing in a basket of U.S. exploration and production (E&P) producers towards year-end.

Kids, families & the cashless society  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 2:00 PM ET

Sharon Epperson explores how families can benefit from a cashless society.

Commodities tomorrow: $50 oil by January?  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 4:00 PM ET

CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets. Oil was down again today, as the commodity free fall continues. OPEC cut its 2015 demand projection and the Saudis ask why they should cut production.

Ukraine's $15 billion black hole  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 6:30 AM ET

CNBC's Phil Han explains the potential $15 billion black hole in the country's finances.

Airbus A350 delivery on hold  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 9:00 AM ET

CNBC's Phil Han reports on the unexpected delay in the delivery of Airbus' brand new A350 aircraft to Qatar Airways.

8 Things you didn't know about Instagram's CEO  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 11:00 AM ET

From his favorite account to follow and his second favorite social network, to his most used photo filter, Instagram's CEO and Co-founder Kevin Systrom answers our questions.

CIA torture report fallout  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 6:39 AM ET

CNBC's John Harwood comments on the release of a report on CIA interrogation practices in post 9/11 era.

7 Internet plays into year-end  Tue, 9 Dec '14 | 5:00 PM ET

The "Fast Money" traders give 7 internet plays into year-end.

Congress reaches $1.1 trillion spending deal  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 6:33 AM ET

CNBC's John Harwood, reports on how lawmakers managed to avert a government shutdown.

People think the American dream is dead: Pro  Wed, 10 Dec '14 | 1:45 AM ET

Protests in Ferguson over the killing of Michael Brown are due to a poor economic situation in the town, Morris Reid, managing director at Mercury and Democratic Strategist, adding that middle-class white Americans feel the American Dream is dead.

Jon Landau, Executive Chairman of MOFILM, tells CNBC that he has three Avatar sequels in the works and majority of the filming will take place in New Zealand.

China slowdown isn't disturbing: Expert  Tue, 9 Dec '14 | 8:33 PM ET

November's twin inflation data are in line with expectations for slower growth as China rebalances its economy, says Peter Alexander, Managing Director at Z-Ben Advisors.

The 'Grumpy cat' empire  Mon, 8 Dec '14 | 4:50 PM ET

CNBC.com Managing Editor Allen Wastler reports the wealth debate on homes versus stocks; the markets and the "Grumpy Cat" are the hottest topics on CNBC.com.