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New bank rules won't help Espirito Santo: Pro

For all the talk of new euro zone rules for helping out troubled banks, none of the solutions are in place yet, says Raoul Ruparel, head of economic research at Open Europe - meaning Portugal is where the "buck stops".

Italy's banking sector is exposed: Pro   Thu, 10 Jul '14 | 11:00 AM ET
Italy's banking sector is exposed: Pro

Losses at banks in Europe¿s periphery could total 200 billion euros ($272 billion), warned Bob McKee, chief economist of Independent Strategy, who said he was especially concerned about Italian banks.

No deflation risk but euro zone fragile: ECB's Praet

European Central Bank executive board member Peter Praet, says there is no risk of deflation in the euro zone, but the economy remains "fragile".

Temasek: Singapore, China weighed on returns

Rohit Sipahimalani, Co-Head, Investment Group, Temasek Holdings, says negative annual returns in Singapore and China hurt the group's portfolio.

Marc Faber, Schiff, and Gartman talk markets

Bubble fears go mainstream. A battle of the bears, with The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report's Marc Faber, Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital, and The Gartman Letter's Dennis Gartman. With CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders, Jim Iuorio and Scott Nations, both at the CME.

We were too slow on reforms: Croatia Econ Min

Croatia's Minister of Economy Ivan Vrdoljak says six years of recession had been hard and the government had "missed the first year of their mandate".

Global Brands: Market decides what we're worth

Bruce Rockowitz, CEO of Global Brands Group, discusses the expectations surrounding the firm's debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

What's driving Ferrari sales   Wed, 9 Jul '14 | 4:55 PM ET
What's driving Ferrari sales

Ferrari interim CEO Enrico Galliera says customers are both buying in cash and financing its automobiles.

Marc Faber

Is the S&P about to take 30 percent dive? Marc Faber, the editor and publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, says the global economy does not support current valuations and the market may bypass a meaningful correction and go straight to a crash.

The agenda of US-China's S&ED dialogue

Kenneth Lieberthal, Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution, says U.S.-China talks will likely focus on economic issues, multilateral trade agreements and climate change.

Putin's 'Eurasian dream falling apart': Pro

Jan Randolph, director of sovereign risk at IHS, says Putin's strategy to create a "Eurasian dream" has been a "disaster".

How Singapore has changed since 1989   Tue, 8 Jul '14 | 6:53 PM ET
CNBC 25: How Singapore has changed since 1989

As CNBC celebrates its 25th birthday this week, Martin Soong takes a look at how Singapore was like in 1989, the year CNBC went live.

Brazil's loss spurs memes on social media

Brazil's shocking defeat to Germany in the World Cup semi-final incited a frenzy on Twitter. CNBC's Julia Wood reports.

GrabTaxi launches premium service in Singapore

Anthony Tan, CEO of GrabTaxi, introduces its latest premium service "GrabCar" and explains how it differs from U.S. rival Uber.

Voting in Indonesia gets underway   Tue, 8 Jul '14 | 9:14 PM ET
Voting in Indonesia gets underway

A high voter turnout of nearly 75 percent is expected at polling stations as voting for Indonesia's new president begins. CNBC's Martin Soong reports from Jakarta with the latest.

Japan's Abe arrives in Canberra   Mon, 7 Jul '14 | 7:38 PM ET
Japan, Australia join hands to counter China: Pro

Jacob Kirkegaard, Research Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, highlights similarities between Japan and Australia and what that means for their stance on China.

Is change coming for India's railway system?

Ahead of Tuesday's Union Railway budget, CNBC's Adam Bakhtiar discusses the issues facing India's railway system and outlines expectations for a major overhaul.

Can China change its energy policies?   Mon, 7 Jul '14 | 8:23 PM ET
China coal

CNBC's Sri Jegarajah explores why the sheer size of China's market share will have a huge effect on the global energy industry.

Alcoa CEO: Transformation in high gear   Tue, 8 Jul '14 | 4:04 PM ET
Alcoa CEO: Transformation in high gear

Alcoa outperformed in its second quarter. Its Chairman and CEO Klaus Kleinfield, explains its improving commodities cost position, and the outlook for its various units, including aerospace.

Kardashians: Bringing high fashion to children's line

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian join CNBC's Courtney Reagan to discuss their children line "Kardashian Kids" and partnership with Babies 'R' Us.

Honeywell CEO: Ex-Im Bank critical to competitiveness

As the Export-Import Bank's charter expiration approaches, David Cote, Honeywell Chairman and CEO, explains why he is a big supporter for the bank.

Typhoon Neoguri nears southern Japan   Mon, 7 Jul '14 | 10:49 PM ET
Typhoon Neoguri moves towards Japan mainland

While Typhoon Neoguri has been downgraded from "super typhoon" status, it's still equivalent to a category 3 hurricane, says Kim Cunningham, Meteorologist at the Weather Channel.

Slovakia's banking industry is strong: Pro   Mon, 7 Jul '14 | 11:40 AM ET
Slovakia's banking industry is strong: Pro

Slovakia's banking industry is "pretty liquid", well-capitalized and has low levels of non-performing loans, says Jozef Sikela CEO of Slovakia's largest commercial bank, Slovenska Sporitelna.

What's the significance of Abe's Australia visit?

Jun Okumura, Visiting Scholar at Meiji Institute for Global Affairs, says Prime Minister Abe's trip to Australia signifies the latter's position as Japan's second-most important security ally.

Why the ECB will matter more than the Fed soon

David Mann, Regional Head of Research, Asia at Standard Chartered Bank, says the Fed's impact on global markets has declined while the importance of the European Central Bank has risen.

What to expect from China June inflation data

Ahead of Wednesday's data release, Julian Evans-Pritchard, China Economist at Capital Economics, explains his expectations for stable consumer prices and a pickup in producer prices.

Lixil Group: Year 2020 will be a milestone for us

Yoshiaki Fujimori, President & CEO of Lixil Group, says the firm plans to achieve its target of raising overseas sales to 1 trillion yen by 2020 and outlines its strategy in various markets.

Market reaction 'harsh': Erste Bank CEO   Mon, 7 Jul '14 | 11:15 AM ET
Market reaction 'harsh': Erste Bank CEO

Problems in Hungary and Romania that led to a profit warning by Erste Bank understandably panicked investors, said Andreas Treichl, CEO of Erste Group, adding that the market reaction was "harsh".

Then and now: 25 years of change in Australia

In conjunction with CNBC's 25th anniversary, Matthew Taylor recaps the big events that took place in Australia in 1989 and how the country has changed since then.

Watch out for these in the week ahead   Sun, 6 Jul '14 | 6:08 PM ET
Watch out for these in the week ahead

A raft of Chinese data and several central bank decisions, are due to happen this week. CNBC's Christine Tan highlights which events you should be watching.