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Toronto was the hottest luxury property market in 2014, bucking a slowing trend in the world's top property hubs, according to Christie's real estate branch.

Celebrities on Armani   Thu, 30 Apr '15 | 7:30 PM ET
Celebrities on Armani

CNBC's Phil Han speaks to some of the world's biggest celebrities from the MIlan Expo 2015.

India monsoons: Another dry season ahead? Wed, 29 Apr '15 | 7:35 PM ET
Hari Bai

The specter of deficient monsoon rainfall is casting a cloud over India's growth and inflation outlook.

Katy Perry lights up China political fireworks Thu, 30 Apr '15 | 12:44 AM ET
In this photo illustration taken on April 30, 2015, a local resident reads a newspaper showing US singer Katy Perry wearing Taiwan's national flag in Taipei. The intricacies of the 'one China' policy may not have been uppermost on her mind, but US pop star Katy Perry caused a stir in Asia this week with her politically-charged choice of dress at a Taipei concert.

Katy Perry made headlines in Taiwan after she draped herself in the country's flag while performing "Unconditionally" on Tuesday.

How you can click away your energy bills Thu, 30 Apr '15 | 2:47 AM ET

Our homes and offices eat up huge amounts of energy - almost a third of total energy consumption, according to figures from the IEA.

Want more for your money? Vacation here Thu, 30 Apr '15 | 3:15 AM ET

As the weak euro makes tourism in Europe increasingly attractive, we look at the continent's most popular tourist destinations.

A Scottish craft beer brewer, Innis & Gunn, is trying to raise £3 million ($4.6 million) by selling "mini-bonds".

A defaced ad appears in the London underground by Protein World.

The weight-loss company behind a controversial "beach body ready" campaign in the U.K. has said its head office received a bomb threat.

Hollywood's top 10 art collectors Wed, 29 Apr '15 | 2:00 AM ET
George Lucas

Hollywood's superstars have lots of cash, and these celebrities like to use it to splurge on their art collections. Here are the top art collectors.

Is ‘silver’ the new black for luxury? Wed, 29 Apr '15 | 12:00 AM ET
Dolce & Gabbana's Summer 2015 campagin

Older women have become the new face of several fashion houses, a sign that luxury retailers are switching their focus to elderly consumers.

Could Russell Brand decide the UK election? Wed, 29 Apr '15 | 3:43 AM ET
Russell Brand

The leader of the U.K.'s opposition Labour party has tried to give his election campaign a boost by meeting with activist Russell Brand to talk… tax.

Marine Le Pen told CNBC that the tense talks over Greece's debt deal have revealed the "real face" of European Union.

The cities at greatest risk for a mega-quake Wed, 29 Apr '15 | 10:50 AM ET
A member of Nepalese police personnel walks amidst the rubble of collapsed buildings, in the aftermath of Saturday's earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal, April 27, 2015.

In earthquake-prone cities, growing populations live amidst infrastructures that are unable to withstand the effects of large quakes.

Avengers: "Age of Ultron" may have earned over $201 million this past weekend yet some may have to travel far to see this installment in the cinema.

China to become Apple's top market next year? Tue, 28 Apr '15 | 12:45 AM ET
Apple iPhone6 China

Greater China became Apple's second largest market in the March quarter, and analysts say it won't be long before it becomes the company's top market.

The leader of the French far-right National Front party said Russia's annexation of Crimea was a result of "major errors" in the European Union.

Grexit, Grimbo, now Grexhaustion? Mon, 27 Apr '15 | 6:53 PM ET

The standoff between Greece and its creditors has spawned another bit of rivalry: the battle to coin the latest buzzword for the painfully protracted drama.

Hygiene, monsoons next big risks for Nepal Tue, 28 Apr '15 | 12:36 AM ET
A volunteer walks on top of the debris of a collapsed temple at Basantapur Durbar Square on April 27, 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Days after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, a sanitation crisis and looming monsoons are threatening to deal fresh blows to the disaster-stricken nation.

The social media highlights of the UK election Mon, 27 Apr '15 | 8:49 AM ET

Here are some of the highlights on social media of the U.K. general election campaign so far.

Apple Watch

Disappointment around over-optimistic Apple Watch sales estimates could knock the tech giant's share price, an analyst told CNBC.

Prime office real estate in some of the world's leading cities is about to take a hit from the falling price of oil.

Which tech space is most over-hyped? Mon, 27 Apr '15 | 12:02 AM ET
Nasdaq 5000

With the Nasdaq finally surpassing its dotcom peak on Friday, worries about a return to the tech bubble are back in focus.

Nepal quake impact could exceed 20% GDP Sun, 26 Apr '15 | 10:45 PM ET
A Nepali on a bicycle pass by a truck buried under debris of destroyed buildings in Katmandu, Nepal on April 26, 2015

The economic costs of Nepal's devastating earthquake could exceed $5 billion, equivalent to 20 percent of the impoverished nation's GDP.

Hot toys at the Singapore Yacht Show Mon, 27 Apr '15 | 2:21 AM ET

Click ahead to see some of the most luxurious toys on display at this year's show.

In pictures: Nepal’s devastating earthquake Mon, 27 Apr '15 | 2:45 AM ET

Rescue efforts are underway in Nepal after a massive earthquake struck near the country's capital, leaving behind a trail of death and destruction.

A dense school of brown striped snapper in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

If oceans were considered a country, their worth would outshine the likes of Russia and Brazil's economies, according to a new report.

Shawn "Jay Z" Carter

Jay Z is blasting what he calls a shadowy "smear campaign" to bury his music service before it even begins to take off.

Rich Chinese spending most on homes here Thu, 23 Apr '15 | 9:25 PM ET

Here are the countries where Chinese buyers seek the most expensive homes, according to a new report from Juwei.

From dating sites to social networks for doctors, apps are battling to find a niche - and this is where sports apps are hoping to succeed.

Coral reef vanishing act threatens coasts Sat, 25 Apr '15 | 9:00 AM ET
St. Martin, an island the Caribbean where as much as 80% of coral have been wiped out.

Years of overfishing, boating and environmental degradation are causing coral reefs to disappear, and scientists say that's a huge danger around the world.