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A motorbike crossing a bamboo bridge across the Mekong River in Kompong Cham, Cambodia.

Five Southeast Asia countries are set to bridge China and India - Asia's two largest economies - according to analysts at ANZ bank.

A new study has found a more human cost of the Greek debt crisis: reforms have caused a "dramatic rise" in male suicides.

Garment factory workers walk along a road during their lunch break in the Savar district of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

After the Spectrum sweater factory collapsed in 2005, killing 64 workers, hardly anything changed to improve factory safety in Bangladesh.

Playing gold? Keep an eye on silver Mon, 21 Apr '14 | 8:45 PM ET

Gold prices fell to a near-three-week low on Monday. For those with an eye on silver the erosion of gold's recent gains should come as no surprise.

10 technologies to help the world's poor Fri, 25 Apr '14 | 7:15 PM ET

While many of these products remain out of reach price-wise for the majority of individuals, most can be purchased by governments or non-profit organizations.

A devastating disease is putting the world's banana crop at serious risk and threatening the income of millions of people.

Why Nike's plan to sell wearables is not working Mon, 21 Apr '14 | 10:28 AM ET

Nike laid off workers in its Fuelband division, showing that selling activity trackers and other wearables is not easy, even for a fitness company.

What is your Alibaba market call? Mon, 21 Apr '14 | 3:08 AM ET

Ahead of Alibaba's debut, tell us what your market call on the Chinese company is.

The secret behind Ford's success in China Sun, 20 Apr '14 | 11:58 PM ET
Visitors check out Ford cars on display at the China International Exhibition Center new venue during the 'Auto China 2014' Beijing International Automotive Exhibition in Beijing.

Ford says the key to its success in the market has been its wide range of product offerings that allow it to effectively target first-time buyers.

Voters showing their ID cards as they stand in a queue to cast their votes at a polling station on April 17, 2014 in Jammu, India.

India polling will take more than five weeks to complete. That leaves many American observers wondering: Why so long?

The abandoned 'Stazione Sanitaria di Poveglia' (Hospital of Poveglia) with the San Vitale belfry, August 27, 2011 in Venice, Italy.

Italy has decided to sell one of its island located in the Venice lagoon in an online auction, searching for funds to cut its public debt.

Five things to know about Alibaba Wed, 7 May '14 | 3:11 AM ET
A hand-painted wall showing the Alibaba's international business at the Alibaba Group headquarters on March 29, 2014 in Hangzhou.

With the IPO - the largest in tech history - just around the corner, here are five things you need to know about Alibaba.

This country buys the most drugs online Thu, 17 Apr '14 | 11:30 PM ET

British people are the biggest consumers of drugs on the internet, according to the 2014 Global Drugs Survey.

Carmakers set to battle for Chinese consumers Thu, 17 Apr '14 | 11:55 PM ET

Global carmarkers will pull out all the stops at the Beijing auto show as they battle to win over Chinese buyers in the fiercely competitive market.

Ecuadorean Pacari Chocolates employees select organic cocoa beans at their factory in southern Quito

As cocoa prices surge to near-record highs on demand for emerging markets, chocoholics brace for a hike in price – and maybe even a different taste.

London's top bankers strip for a good cause Thu, 17 Apr '14 | 10:27 AM ET
London's top bankers strip for a good cause

Bare-chested and singing, some of the City's top bankers ripped off their business attire in a video for a fundraiser.

How mobile money is changing Asia Wed, 16 Apr '14 | 7:39 PM ET
A shopkeeper (L) transfers money for customers using text commands on a mobile phone in New Delhi.

For emerging Asia, paying your friends, family and retailers from your mobile is set to explode thanks to the region's heavy smartphone usage.

China stocks: 'A tale of two markets' Thu, 17 Apr '14 | 12:58 AM ET

China's stock market may be down, but pockets of outperformance have created opportunities in traditional sectors, HSBC's Asia-Pacific chief investment officer said.

Scenes from South Korea's ferry disaster Thu, 17 Apr '14 | 9:00 PM ET

A South Korean ferry capsized off Jindo island on April 16 in what could be the country's worst maritime accident in two decades.

Happy birthday...to us! Thu, 17 Apr '14 | 6:00 AM ET

On April 17, 1989, CNBC made its humble debut. Twenty-five years later, it is a recognized leader in business news across multiple platforms.

Clone wars: How start-ups take on the copycats Wed, 16 Apr '14 | 3:56 AM ET
Makeshift co-founder Nick Marsh

Start-ups often find it tough to protect their ideas, especially when faced with so-called "clone factories." But most are unfazed.

Supporters of Rahul Gandhi, the leader of India's ruling Congress Party, gather at a rally on April 6, 2014 in New Delhi.

It's election year for major emerging market economies and political risk falls at a time when investors are assessing just what an unwinding of U.S. monetary stimulus means for the developing world.

12 bottles of Sassicaia 2004

Ex-Man United boss Alex Ferguson is auctioning thousands of bottles of vintage wine worth around £3 million ($5 million).

Watch CNBC's 'Bitcoin Uprising' Wed, 16 Apr '14 | 8:51 AM ET

Click here to watch the new digital documentary on the virtual currency that captured the market's imagination.

Soccer club Manchester City is the best-paid sports team in the world, beating the New York Yankees and LA Dodgers.

A customer looks at the new Samsung Electronics Co. Galaxy S5 smartphone on display at a Best Buy Co. store in San Francisco, California, U.S..

Samsung Electronics is spending more to build its new flagship Galaxy S5 than the previous model despite a slowdown in the high-end smartphone market.

A mother takes picture of her daughter in front of the company's logo during the opening ceremony of the country's first McDonald's restaurant in Ho Chi Minh city on February 8, 2014.

From his perch on the 57th floor of Ho Chi Minh City's tallest and most stylish office tower, Henry Nguyen is at the top of his game.

Here's what Amazon's smartphone may look like Tue, 15 Apr '14 | 11:36 AM ET
Amazon.com logo on an Apple iPhone

Amazon is preparing to roll out a device that features a custom 3D interface and offers Amazon's products and services, according to a report by BGR.

China's gold fever to cool in 2014 Tue, 15 Apr '14 | 4:40 AM ET

After last year's massive bullion buying spree, China's gold fever is set to cool in 2014, said the World Gold Council.

Investors are warming to sickly France Tue, 15 Apr '14 | 2:13 AM ET

Now safer dividend stocks are the new best thing, but curiously there is another contender for reallocating funds – France.