Stephen Weiss

Managing Partner, Short Hills Capital partners, LLC - Financial Services & Media

Stephen L. Weiss is founder and managing partner of Short Hills Capital Partners, LLC, which invests in equity hedge funds on behalf of qualified investors and institutions.

A former hedge fund manager, he has held senior management positions at the most prestigious investment banks and enjoyed a 27-year career on Wall Street. During his tenure on the sell side, he was responsible for generating investment ideas for such firms as Tiger Management, Soros Funds, Omega Advisors and Viking Global.

He is the author of two investment books, "The Big Win," which profiled 20 of the industry's true legends, and "The Billion Dollar Mistake," which has been translated into Chinese, Korean and Japanese. He has published a well-received novel, "Unhedged."

He will be teaching an online course in that will be based on "The Billion Dollar Mistake." It will be available in February 2014.