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Highways and Byways: America’s Unusual Roadside Businesses

Image source: Mary Lou's Milk Bottle

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Mary Lou's Milk Bottle

Mary Lou's Milk Bottle is a restaurant on West Garland Avenue in Spokane, Wash., that specializes in made-to-order diner food, such as burgers, fries and ice cream. If you're worried that you might inadvertently drive past it, just remember that it's the only building on that particular drag in the shape of a giant milk bottle, so it's kind of hard to miss.

The exterior no doubt makes the restaurant stand out, but it's not why people go there. The restaurant's Yelp page is chock full of four- and five-star reviews that describe it glowing terms. The milkshakes in particular are singled out for praise.

Image source: Mary Lou's Milk Bottle