Unscripted: 'The Brain' vs 'Killer Kaminsky'

CNBC Unscripted: Faber & Kaminsky
CNBC Unscripted: Faber & Kaminsky   

In this corner we have David "the brain" Faber and in this corner we have Gary "the killer" Kaminsky.

Two of the toughest, best in shape, 40-somethings on the street. But between them, which one is the toughest?

Kaminsky a former regular on CNBC's Squawk Box is now the Vice Chairman of Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. Faber is the co-anchor of Squawk on the Street. CNBC's Brian Steel caught up with the pair to ask them if they went mano e mono - who would win in the boxing ring.

Both are in peak shape and can go toe-to-toe with their workout routines. Faber hits the water; swimming 10,000 yards a week while Kaminsky mixes it up with swimming, running, lifting weights and push-ups.

It's time to rumble: CNBC-style (uh, that means no real fisticuffs) for our new series, "Unscripted."

-CNBC's Gloria McDonough-Taub