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Loose lips and spilled drinks Mon, 31 Mar '14 | 1:53 PM ET

Chris tries to work major damage control when Tyson tries to offer his two cents after a few cocktails.

Sexy cars and pampers Thu, 27 Mar '14 | 11:28 AM ET

While Chris Pirelli is looking for a fast and good looking car, Steve Stevens is looking for something different ... toys and diapers for his newborn son.

How Skip spends his paycheck Thu, 27 Mar '14 | 11:26 AM ET

Skip just got paid and he is all about the Las Vegas lifestyle. What does he plan to do with this week's payment?

A reward for good grades Thu, 27 Mar '14 | 11:24 AM ET

Skip's son just got an "A" in Algebra, and Skip wants to get him something special so he heads to the sports memorabilia shop.

Sports gambling lingo you should know Tue, 25 Mar '14 | 12:48 PM ET

Do you know what a "push" is? A "parlay"? A "dime"? Well, if you don't, it's time you learn the lingo of sports betting.

Skipper and Jason anxiously watch the game they bet big money on.

Ball state baller Wed, 26 Mar '14 | 3:37 PM ET

Steve explains his betting focus and winning strategy as he takes Joelle out for a betting night on the town.

The dreaded cowboy outfit Tue, 11 Mar '14 | 4:15 PM ET

Steve finds a new way to put an interesting twist on his morning meeting.

"I am Chris mother bleeping Pirelli' Tue, 11 Mar '14 | 4:18 PM ET

Meet Chris Pirelli. Cocky, self-important VIP Sports Betting superstar, and one of Steve's top earners.

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  • Steve Stevens Tuesday, 10 Sep 2013 | 1:40 PM ET

    Steve Stevens is the hyper-charged fast-talking handicapper behind VIP Sports. Stevens has been picking games professionally for the past 20 years and claims he gets it right more than 60 percent of the time.

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CNBC's “Money Talks” takes viewers inside the world of Steve Stevens, a sports handicapper who runs VIP Sports out of Las Vegas. Each one-hour episode follows Stevens and his agents who sell their picks to gamblers looking for any kind of edge. From small-time bettors to big-time whales who put six figures on the line, this is a world built on high risk, high reward and high emotions.

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