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Super Bowl's fun facts   Fri, 30 Jan '15 | 9:00 AM ET

A look at some of the weird and wacky facts from this year's Super Bowl.

Tale of two techs: Google and Amazon   Fri, 30 Jan '15 | 6:08 AM ET
Tale of two techs: Google and Amazon

Colin Gillis, BGC Financial analyst, breaks down the numbers on Amazon's blowout quarter and Google's big miss.

Wearable tech: Watch out for these trends   Fri, 30 Jan '15 | 6:45 AM ET
Microsoft Band.

The wearable tech industry is quickly gaining in momentum, we caught up with some industry leaders to find out which trends, from smartwatches to smart glasses, should be on your radar.

Air Force One to get upgrade   Thu, 29 Jan '15 | 10:00 AM ET
Air Force One is shown at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo.

CNBC's Phil Han reports on the new and upgraded Air Force One which will replace the current Boeing 747-200.

Hacking: How best to protect your data   Thu, 29 Jan '15 | 5:56 AM ET

To celebrate Data Privacy Day, CNBC talks to experts to get the best tips on how to protect your personal information online.

Seahawks' Sherman on his investment game   Wed, 28 Jan '15 | 9:50 AM ET
Seahawks' Richard Sherman on his Investment Game

Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman on his investment playbook.

Gartman's dollar & gold trade   Tue, 27 Jan '15 | 5:40 PM ET
One-hundred-gram gold bars sit on a one-kilogram gold bar, center, at Gold Investments Ltd. bullion dealers in London, July 15, 2014.

How to play the dollar using ETFs, with Dennis Gartman of The Gartman Letter.

Central Park gets blanketed in snow as a blizzard hits New York on Jan. 26, 2014.

Alexis Burris, reporter at Insurance Day, says the damage from the blizzard in the North East of the U.S. will be less than the polar vortex last year.

Why China's economy will 'slow significantly'

Michael Pettis, finance professor at Peking University, says the reforms China needs to implement to rebalance its economy will cause it to "slow significantly".

EU needs to get 'desperate' Greek message: Ex-Minister

Pavlos Yeroulanos, Greece's former tourism minister, says the "medicine" of austerity is not working and the European Union needs to understand that the country needs a new formula to boost growth.

4 ways to play the currency wars   Fri, 23 Jan '15 | 5:00 PM ET

The "Fast Money" traders serve up 4 Ways to play the currency wars.

Women and guns: Size matters   Fri, 23 Jan '15 | 4:32 AM ET
Women and guns: Size matters

Women are becoming a bigger focus in the gun world, and with an appearance by Sarah Palin at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the message is loud and clear.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed: Never see $100 oil again

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Kingdom Holdings chairman, shares his thoughts on his uncle's legacy, and denies his country is punishing U.S. frackers.

Big tech predictions by 2020   Fri, 23 Jan '15 | 4:40 AM ET
Big tech predictions by 2020

Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson says the next five years will see the "revolution of technology" with 85 percent of world population with 3G or 4G coverage and 90 percent of people above the age of six having a mobile phone.

The legacy of Saudi King Abdullah   Fri, 23 Jan '15 | 1:45 AM ET
The legacy of Saudi King Abdullah

CNBC's Hadley Gamble discusses the legacy of Saudi King Abdullah.

Cyber attacks will be worse this year: Cisco CEO

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, says the number of cyberattacks on company's will be worse in 2015 than last year.

M&A to make or break markets in 2015?   Fri, 23 Jan '15 | 2:34 AM ET
Merger M&A

2014 saw a rebound in M&A activity, but will it continue in 2015? Experts discuss on CNBC.

Market moves after QE 'encouraging': ECB's Coeuré

Benoît Coeuré, executive board member of the European Central Bank, says the positive reaction from the market after the announcement of quantitative easing was encouraging.

Turkey is 'delighted' by ECB QE   Fri, 23 Jan '15 | 2:20 AM ET
Turkey is 'delighted' by ECB QE

Turkey's Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, says European Central Bank quantitative easing is good news for Turkey and should help the country's economy.

Massive fire destroys luxury apartment complex in NJ

Hundreds of people were left homeless Thursday after a massive fire destroyed a luxury apartment complex in Edgewater, N.J., overnight. WNBC reports on the fire.

ECB goes big on QE, euro plunges   Thu, 22 Jan '15 | 10:00 AM ET
ECB goes big on QE, euro plunges

CNBC's Steve Liesman digs into the ECB's bond buying program and discusses how long the program will be in place.

ECB QE will support markets: Pro   Thu, 22 Jan '15 | 3:30 AM ET
ECB QE will support markets: Pro

Anne Richards, chief investment officer at Aberdeen Asset Management, says that quantitative easing by the European Central Bank will be positive for markets.

We're happy with China's 'new normal': Renault boss

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan Alliance, says that the carmaker will be happy with China growing at 7 percent.

Europe job recovery will be 'slow': Manpower Group

Jonas Prising, CEO of Manpower Group, tells CNBC at Davos that job recovery in Europe will be a "long and slow process".

EU needs to 'step up game' with reform: Netherlands PM

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of Netherlands, says European Union countries cannot leave it to the European Central Bank to boost the region's economy.

Cramer on Netflix after the big news   Tue, 20 Jan '15 | 7:00 PM ET
Cramer on Netflix after the big news

Netflix shocked Wall Street and "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer has his review.

Day 1: Behind-the-scenes at Davos   Wed, 21 Jan '15 | 5:00 AM ET
Day 1: Behind-the-scenes at Davos

CNBC's Deirdre Bosa takes us behind the scenes at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Ukraine is escalating situation with Russia: Deputy PM

As world leaders gather in Davos, Arkady Dvorkovich, deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation, says violence between Russia and Ukraine is being escalated by Kiev.

Italy doesn't save banks: PM Renzi   Wed, 21 Jan '15 | 1:00 AM ET
Italy doesn't save banks: PM Renzi

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi says banks are "central" to the economy but the country's governments haven't created opportunities for the sector.

Taxing rich to help poor doesn't work: Studzinski

Speaking at Davos, John Studzinski, vice-chairman of investor relations and business development group at Blackstone Advisory Partners, discusses President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech.