John Carney on social media and Wall Street

Thursday, 12 Sep 2013 | 9:48 AM ET
CNBC Unscripted: John Carney on social media
Thursday, 12 Sep 2013 | 9:00 AM ET
CNBC's John Carney is a bit of a social media addict. In this "Unscripted" segment, he talks about his life online and when or if, it's ever too much.

CNBC's John Carney is a man who lives life on the web. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google - he's on them all. And likes it. A lot.

As the editor of the NetNet blog and our man who covers Wall Street and finance, he relies on social media to find out the latest on the street; who's making what deals, who's making news before they're making news, who's out, who's in and of course the wayward ways of those so-called "Masters of the Universe."

How does he do it and does he ever think he's overdoing it? John takes a moment to go off line to talk to "Unscripted."

- Posted by CNBC's Gloria McDonough-Taub