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  Friday, 18 Jul 2014 | 11:09 AM ET

Snap winning pics with these cool gadgets

Posted By: Devin Hance

The future of mobile photography is underway and there are numerous ways to be able to capture and share your favorite memories.

Here are two standouts recommended by Andrea Smith, executive producer of Living in Digital Times.

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  Wednesday, 16 Jul 2014 | 1:59 PM ET

Apple-IBM deal could challenge BlackBerry, Android

Posted By: Althea Chang

Apple has partnered with IBM's enterprise arm to develop business apps for iOS devices, a move that could bring much-needed enterprise features to gadgets that are increasingly being used in the workplace.

Under the exclusive agreement, IBM's data analytics would be put to work on Apple's iPhones and iPads, which will be sold by IBM to its enterprise customers, possibly at a discount.

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  Monday, 14 Jul 2014 | 6:04 PM ET

Yahoo's earnings: It's all about the Alibaba purse

Posted By: Cadie Thompson

Yahoo is scheduled to report its second-quarter fiscal earnings after the bell on Tuesday, but investors will likely be more interested in what the company has to say about the Alibaba IPO during its earnings call.

"Very little that Yahoo reports will matter. What will matter for the stock is if there is any commentary on the call about the tax plans for the proceeds from the Alibaba IPO," said Brian Wieser, a senior research analyst at Pivotal Research. "I'll be looking to see how they will prevent paying 35 percent in taxes. And then the next question is what are they going to do with the cash that is left after taxes."

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In 2012, Yahoo got hit with a pretty hefty tax bill when it sold half of its 40 percent stake in Alibaba back to the company for $7.6 billion. The company ended up paying more than $2 billion in taxes in the deal.

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The company is required to sell about 40 percent of its remaining Alibaba stake—or 208 million shares—when the Chinese business goes public later this year. That could leave Yahoo with a windfall of $10 billion or more, but it could also give Yahoo another major tax headache, Wieser said.

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  Monday, 14 Jul 2014 | 1:32 PM ET

App outrage: Reservations, parking at what cost?

Posted By: Christina Medici Scolaro and Mark Berniker

There's finally a way in to the trendy restaurant that's been booked for months, but it'll cost you.

Reservation Hop is an app that makes restaurant reservations under false names and then sells them for $10 to $12. It's also at the center of a huge debate, and one writer at Wired magazine has called the app "irresponsible and sleazy."

Reservation Hop is igniting outrage because the company is trying to make money off of something that's free: making a dinner reservation. If people don't show up for their Reservation Hop, then restaurants lose out on the money that they could make if they gave the table to another customer.

"The biggest challenge in the restaurant industry are no-shows because you hold the table and expect them to turn every 90 minutes," said Gwyneth Borden, executive director of Golden Gate Restaurant Association, a bay area group that represents restaurant owners.

"When you hold the table off for a reservation that doesn't show up, it's a huge economic impact," she said.

Apps that charge for items that are open domain, or don't actually belong to anyone, are being called illegal, immoral and sleazy.

"I think these apps are really taking advantage of the market place. They're giving incentives and advantages to the rich people," said Jill Duffy, analyst at PC Mag.com.

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  Friday, 11 Jul 2014 | 12:04 PM ET

Hey, parents: This kids' bike is nearly tumble-free

Posted By: Erika Santoro

It may be worth turning away from old-fashion training wheels as learning to ride a bicycle comes with high-tech assistance these days.

The Jyrobike is aimed at preventing tumbles. The 12- or 16-inch auto-balance bike for kids ages 3 to 8, has a battery-powered control hub built into the front wheel to generate stabilization, said Robert Bodill, CEO and co-founder of Jyrobike. When the control hub is turned on, it acts like a gyroscope and provides a stabilizing force, he said.

If consumers don't want to purchase the Jyrobike, which is priced at $249 or $299 depending on the size, the control hub can be purchased separately for $129 for any 12-inch or for $149 for any 16-inch bicycle.

"The control hub wheel includes adjustable balance settings, a Micro USB and a volume button for the Mega Sound feature, a 105dB speaker that has a choice of three awesome sound effects," Bodill said.

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  Thursday, 10 Jul 2014 | 1:30 PM ET

No stopping growth in the app economy

Posted By: Christina Medici Scolaro

Today marks six years since Apple opened its App Store. Since then, total global app sales have grown to $30 billion and show no signs of stopping. Analysts expect total sales to reach the $100 billion range by 2020.

Research measurement firm, Nielsen reports U.S. Android and iPhone users spent 65 percent more time with apps at the end of 2013 compared with 2011.

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  Wednesday, 9 Jul 2014 | 1:52 PM ET

Tablet sales fall year-on-year for the first time

Posted By: Althea Chang

Tablet sales are on the decline, according to recent research, and there may be no recovery in sight as consumers turn to other device options.

For the first time, quarterly tablet shipments have fallen year-over-year, according to a recent report by NPD DisplaySearch. According to NPD, that's partly because consumers are opting for larger-screen smartphones (also known as phablets) with screen sizes of 5.5 inches or larger.

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"There's this confluence of bad tidings in the industry ... You have more younger people using smartphones because they're comfortable with the smaller screen. I think you have older people like myself who are comfortable with the larger screen of a laptop, and then I think you have this category of phablets, which is kind of a hybrid, which is kind of eating away at the tablet market," said Jon Swartz, USA Today's San Francisco bureau chief.

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  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 1:15 PM ET

Are all-glass Apple devices the future?

Posted By: Althea Chang

Apple has filed a patent for products housed entirely in glass, but ensuring a glass gadget's durability and strength could come at the cost of weight.

According to Apple's patent, multiple layers of glass could be fused together in a process that would reinforce a glass device. But ultimately, glass-housed gadgets probably won't compete with devices made of a combination of aluminum, glass, metal and plastic, said technology editor John Simons of the Associated Press.

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  Friday, 4 Jul 2014 | 8:00 AM ET

Apps to celebrate the Fourth of July

Posted By: Erika Santoro

It's the Fourth of July which means most people are hitting the road, firing up those grills or checking out the fireworks show in town.

But for those looking to add a little more fun to their festivities, here are a few standout apps recommended by Jesse Draper, CEO of multimedia company Valley Girl.

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  Wednesday, 2 Jul 2014 | 1:10 PM ET

Why Google's streaming music service could win

Posted By: Althea Chang

With its Songza deal, Google could end up dominating other streaming music services if it becomes the default option on Android mobile devices.

That's both because of Android's dominance among mobile devices and Songza's ability to curate and recommend new music to its users, according to Dan Costa, editor-in-chief of PCMag.com.

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