12th Asia Business Leaders Awards

Park Sang Hwan

CEO & Chairman
Hana Tour Service

Park Sang Hwan is the current CEO and Chairman of Hana Tour and has held the position 2008. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English Education from the College of Education, Chungang University in 1982, and furthered his education by attaining a Master's Degree of Economics from Sunkyunkwan University in 1987 and a Ph.D. in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Kyung Hee University. With Park Sang Hwan's entrepreneurial spirit, he received multiple awards such as Ernst & Young's "Rising Star Award" in 2008, the "President Industrial Service Medal" on Taxpayer's Commemorative Day and "The 27th National Productivity Innovation Award" from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

He is also a past winner of ABLA, gaining the title of "The Innovator of the Year Award" in 2005.

About the Company

Hana Tour is the largest travel company in Korea providing travel service with over 3,200 employees nationally and internationally and claims to be the best travel company ranked top in international travel and air ticket sales for 15 consecutive years. Hana Tour has led quantitative and qualitative growth of the travel industry by providing better service through a directly-operated network covering 29 areas globally and with the best experts in travel. It claims to maintain the top position in customer satisfaction and preference research. Furthermore, Hana Tour increases productivity and profitability by integrating an innovative IT system within the travel industry and expands market leadership continuously. The company was listed in London Securities Exchange (LSE),one of 3 major global securities markets, recognizing the transparency and reliability of Hana Tour internationally as well as preparing a stepping stone to become a global company.


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