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Cathy Curtis

Cathy Curtis, CNBC Financial Advisory Board
Cathy Curtis, CNBC Financial Advisory Board

Cathy Curtis is an independent certified financial planner and founder and owner of fee-only investment advisory firm Curtis Financial Planning, which specializes in optimized low-volatility portfolios, sustainable investing and comprehensive financial planning for women and their families.

Curtis is regularly featured in local and national print media and on TV, offering advice and insight as an interviewee and commentator. She also appears in TV and trade publication pieces focused on the rise of female investment advisors.

Before becoming involved in financial services, Curtis served as a sales-and-marketing executive for Fortune 500 and private companies in the food and consumer-products industries. She last worked for Torbitt & Castleman, as director of sales and marketing, until she left in 2000 to start her own practice.

A resident of Oakland Hills, Calif., Curtis graduated with a bachelor's degree in public policy from the University of California, Berkeley.

Follow Curtis on Twitter at @cathycurtis.


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