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Sheryl Garrett

Sheryl Garrett
Sheryl Garrett

Sheryl Garrett is the founder of the Garrett Planning Network, a nationwide network of more than 300 hourly based financial advisors whose mission is to help make competent, objective financial advice accessible to all people. She is also CEO and chief compliance officer of Garrett Investment Advisors.

Garrett is frequently quoted in media and a recipient of numerous awards and recognition for her contributions in the field of financial advice. She's written, co-authored or served as series editor on more than a dozen books and has been very involved in financial education and awareness and investor protection.

Currently, she is active on The Wall Street Journal Experts panel, the CFP Board's Public Policy Council and the Committee for the Fiduciary Standard. Since 2005, Garrett has also provided ligation-consulting services involving cases of alleged misconduct by financial advisors.

Follow Garrett on Twitter at @SherylGarrett.


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