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Pakorn Peetathawatchai, The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Source: Peetathawatchai

Pakorn has been appointed as Chief Strategy and Finance Officer,The Stock Exchange of Thailand, since January 2013. He oversees the Exchange's overall strategy and supervises the exchange's finance. In addition, he also oversees the Capital Market Research Institution which is the research arm of the exchange to help strengthen and shape the development of capital market in Thailand. Prior to this role, he was Chief Marketing Officer, The Stock Exchange of Thailand, since October 2010. Under this role, he overseen the Exchange's products, which are equities, bonds, and derivatives, and developed products that suit the needs of domestic and overseas investors. He also managed product and product‐related information and market access. Lastly, he supervised customer and channel services, strengthened all the services offered to securities companies, retail investors, and domestic and international institutional investors.

Before joining The Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2010, Pakorn was a Senior Executive Vice President for Mit Phol Sugar Corp., Ltd. where he supervised the company's Finance, Information Technology, and Risk Management. He has strong treasury background from Siam Commercial Bank PCL as the Head of the bank's Treasury Group and investment experience as the Chairperson of the Investment Committee at SCNY Life and served as an Advisor to the Investment Committee, Government Pension Fund, and a member of the Capital Development Sub‐Committee, Ministry of Finance.

Pakorn now serves as a member of the Asian Bond Fund ‐ Thailand Monitoring Committee, Bank of Thailand. He received his Ph.D degree in Finance and Economics from Boston University, United States.

CNBC Global CFO Council

CNBC Global CFO Council

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