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U.S. home sales end losing streak, jobless claims rise

WASHINGTON - U.S. home resales rose in December after three straight months of declines, showing some resilience in the housing market recovery despite higher mortgage rates. (USA-ECONOMY/JOBS (WRAPUP 3), moved at 1320 ET, by Lucia Mutikani, 780 words)

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Lenovo to buy IBM's low-end server unit for $2.3 bln

Chinese PC maker Lenovo Group Ltd has agreed to buy International Business Machine Corp's low-end server business for $2.3 billion in what would be China's biggest technology deal. (IBM-LENOVO/ (UPDATE 4), moved at 1415 ET, 1060 words)

Microsoft seen reporting higher Q2 sales

Microsoft is expected to report higher second-quarter sales but an 8 percent dip in profit after Windows 8, the Surface tablet and the new Xbox console had an unspectacular holiday shopping season. (MICROSOFT/EARNINGS, (UPDATE 1), expect by 1630 ET)

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Canada, U.S. agencies add pressure on oil-by-rail safety

North American regulators should phase out the type of rail car involved in last July's deadly Lac-Megantic crash "sooner rather than later," Canadian investigators say, urging the United States and Canada to impose tougher standards swiftly. (CANADA-RAIL (UPDATE 2), moved at 1420 ET, 820 words)


Stocks, emerging markets swoon on China data; euro up

NEW YORK - Global equity markets sell off on disappointing Chinese manufacturing data and weak corporate earnings, while the euro jumps against the dollar after mostly encouraging survey results from the euro zone's private sector.(MARKETS-GLOBAL/ (WRAPUP 5), moved, by Barani Krishnan, 740 words)

Euro zone business starts 2014 on high, China falters

LONDON - China's vast manufacturing industry shrinks for the first time in six months and U.S. factory growth slowed a bit this month, but Europe's private sector got the new year off to a strong start, surveys show. (GLOBAL-ECONOMY/ (WRAPUP 2), moved, by Jonathan Cable and Steven C. Johnson, 740 words)


Davos bosses tread warily in rocky emerging markets

DAVOS, Switzerland - Multinational companies are becoming more picky about emerging market investments as slowing growth in upstart economies and a recovery in the West takes the shine off a previous sure-fire strategic bet. (DAVOS-EMERGING/ (ANALYSIS), moved, by Ben Hirschler, 940 words)

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WASHINGTON- The Obama administration is increasingly confident the U.S. economy is turning a corner and that faster growth will help government finances, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says. (USA-ECONOMY/FISCAL, (UPDATE 1), moved, 280 words)

No Bank of England rate rise this year, say economists

LONDON - British interest rates will stay put for at least another year, according to a Reuters poll of economists who say the Bank of England won't tighten policy even though its unemployment threshold will be reached in the next few months. (BOE-RATES/POLL, moved, by Ross Finley and William Schomberg, 600 words)

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Hardest yet to come for France's Hollande on reforms

PARIS - French President Francois Hollande has won cautious backing from markets, Berlin and Brussels for a centrist reform push that could be his last chance to get the euro zone's second largest economy motoring. But a week after his Jan. 14 announcement, it is not clear how and when he will pull off his plan. (FRANCE-REFORM/ (ANALYSIS), moved, by Mark John and Jean-Baptiste Vey, 800 words)


Target CFO to testify before Senate on big data breach

NEW YORK - Target Corp's chief financial officer will testify before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Feb. 4 about a massive data breach in what is likely to be the first time the retailer publicly answers questions about the unprecedented attack. (TARGET-DATABREACH/SENATEHEARING (UPDATE 1), moved at 1225 ET, 320 words)

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Massachusetts Senator calls for probe into Herbalife

BOSTON - Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey is asking for more information about the business practices of Herbalife, becoming the most prominent lawmaker to call for action after an activist hedge fund manager accused it of running a pyramid scheme. (HERBALIFE-INVESTIGATION/ (UPDATE 2), moved, by Svea Herbst-Bayliss, 620 words)

McDonald's gets fewer visits in Q4, at January sales

McDonald's reports weaker-than-expected quarterly sales at established restaurants after fewer diners frequented the fast-food chain, and warns that those sales will fall short of Wall Street's target again in January. (MCDONALDS-RESULTS/ (UPDATE 4), moved at 1330 ET, 675 words)

Lockheed Martin sees higher earnings

Lockheed Martin, maker of F-35 fighter jets, satellites and warships, forecasts higher earnings in 2014 after charges linked to U.S. defense budget cuts and workforce reductions depressed earnings in the fourth quarter. (LOCKHEED-RESULTS/ (UPDATE 2), by Andrea Shalal-Esa, moved at 1115 ET, 650 words.

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