Ooh la la! From "sharks" to Frederick's of Hollywood

Source: Litter Jewelry

Rachel Mann and Mackenzie Burdick are sisters. They're also the minds behind Litter Jewelry, which makes custom body accessories from vintage chains and broken pieces of costume jewelry.

Their story started when they created a headpiece from a broken necklace. After receiving positive responses, they made more of them to sell at a trunk show. Every piece sold out, and the money allowed them to launch their line. Litter Jewelry products have since been worn by such celebrities as Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.

The sisters appeared on "Shark Tank" in 2012 to find someone to run the business side of things. The sharks fought over the chance to run the company, and the duo accepted a deal with Daymond John and Mark Cuban for $80,000 and 70 percent of the company, plus annual salary.

In an interview with ABC, John said that Litter was one of the best long-term investments he's ever made on the show. Check out the Q&A with Litter Jewelry's Mackenzie Burdick below to find out more.

What was the biggest impact that being on "Shark Tank" had on your business?

"Shark Tank" definitely brought us a lot of exposure in the U.S. to people who hadn't seen our product yet.

Did the deal go through with Frederick's of Hollywood and if so, what is the line going to be like?

We created a small capsule collection of jewelry and bra embellishments for Frederick's that sold with their holiday collections last year.

What made you want to start this business?

We started the business as a creative outlet for ideas for pieces we weren't able to find anywhere else in the marketplace.

Give me one line from your pitch that you think won over the sharks and other investors.

The sharks were definitely interested in the press we had achieved solely from word of mouth with no help from a PR company.

By Jill Weinberger and Liza Hughes

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