FACTBOX-Japan's nuclear plants queue up to re-start

Feb 9 (Reuters) - Following is a list of nuclear reactors under review by the regulator before being allowed to re-start operations. For a related story, Capacity is in megawatts (MW). PWR stands for pressurised water reactor. BWR stands for boiling water reactor. ABWR stands for advanced boiling water reactor. Asterisks denote those reactors under the initial round of checks.

Utility Plant Reactors MW Type Hokkaido Electric Tomari No.1 579 PWR Hokkaido Electric Tomari No.2 579 PWR Hokkaido Electric *Tomari No.3 912 PWR Kansai Electric *Takahama No.3 870 PWR Kansai Electric *Takahama No.4 870 PWR Kansai Electric *Ohi No.3 1180 PWR Kansai Electric *Ohi No.4 1180 PWR Shikoku Electric *Ikata No.3 890 PWR Kyushu Electric *Sendai No.1 890 PWR Kyushu Electric *Sendai No.2 890 PWR Kyushu Electric *Genkai No.3 1180 PWR Kyushu Electric *Genkai No.4 1180 PWR Tokyo Electric Kashiwazaki-Kariwa No.6 1356 ABWR Tokyo Electric Kashiwazaki-Kariwa No.7 1356 ABWR Chugoku Electric Shimane No.2 820 BWR Tohoku Electric Onagawa No.2 825 BWR

(Compiled by Tokyo bureau)