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Power, steel, cement suggest China's economy not so buoyant

BEIJING - The big debate about how fast China's economy will grow this year can find some answers in the real world, where signs suggest the growth giant is slowly but surely losing its fizz. From falling power consumption to record-low steel prices, a clutch of indicators show sluggish investment and domestic demand are weighing on the country's $9.4 trillion economy. (CHINA-ECONOMY (PIX), moved, by Koh Gui Qing, 1,100 words)

Foreign banks bracing for tough Fed capital rules

WASHINGTON - Overseas banks look set to win only minor concessions when the Federal Reserve signs off on new capital rules, as they become increasingly resigned to the fact that the cost of doing business in the United States will go up. (USA-BANKS/CAPITAL, moved, by Douwe Miedema, 800 words)


Wall St Week Ahead-U.S. stocks look to Fed view, tech charts

NEW YORK - With economic data being shoveled aside like snow and earnings season winding down, U.S. stock investors could zero in this week on the Fed's view of the economy and technical analysis charts as the S&P 500 nears its record high.(USA-STOCKS/WEEKAHEAD (SCHEDULED COLUMN), moved, by Rodrigo Campos, 910 words)

U.S. stocks correction fear ebbs despite valuation angst

A rapid recovery in U.S. stock prices after the recent slide may be enough to make many investors who remained bullish feel a little smug. That would be a mistake, market strategists say. (USA-STOCKS/VALUATION (ANALYSIS), by Ryan Vlastelica, moved, 950 words)


VW works council to pursue union representation at US plant

HAMBURG/BERLIN - Volkswagen's works council says it will press on with efforts to set up labor representation at its Chattanooga, Tennessee plant, undeterred by a workers' vote against any such step involving the United Auto Workers union. (VW-CHATTANOOGA (UPDATE 2), moved, by Jan Schwartz and Andreas Cremer, 470 words)

Small-firm lawyer takes on Wall Street and wins, twice

WASHINGTON - A lawyer from a small firm in St. Louis is taking on two of the biggest banks in the world, Bank of America an JP Morgan Chase, in federal court in New York in two of the biggest legal cases to emerge from the 2007-2009 financial crisis. (USA-COURTS/WALLSTREET (FEATURE, PIX), moved, by Aruna Viswanatha, 1,620 words)


'Lego' topples 'Last Night,' 'RoboCop' to win box office

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK - "The Lego Movie," an animated film that depicts a world based on the colorful toy blocks, collected $48.8 million to top box office charts for a second week, finishing far ahead of romantic comedy "About Last Night" which had ticket sales of $27 million on a U.S. holiday weekend that kicked off on Valentine's Day. (BOXOFFICE/ (UPDATE 1), moved, by Ronald Grover and Chris Michaud, 480 words)

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