Aldo Orta: 'They went into a 'Shark Tank' frenzy with my jewelry'

Aldo Orta's jewelry designs are sold on QVC. They have been commissioned by the Royal House of Kuwait. They have been worn by celebrities around the world. But the latest muse for his couture creations is Barbara Corcoran.

"She was my muse," he said. "I have a great deal with Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Harrington. They've been a great support." But before entering the tank, he expected the worst, even while preparing his best.

Aldo Orta
Source: Liza Hughes | CNBC
Aldo Orta

"You had to prepare yourself very well," Orta said. "Because they are not soft with you, they can be very brutal." But when all was said and done, his work spoke for itself.

"They went into a 'Shark Tank' frenzy with my jewelry," he said. "They were all wearing my pieces and trying the jewelry and everybody gave me the best compliments." He attributed his success to the meaning behind his work.

"This is not just another bling," he said, "it is wearable art and it's inspired by history and mythology from all cultures ... I'm very proud of my heritage, my background being Mexican. The oldest god for the Aztec is Quetzalcoatl, right here on my logo. And that is a rattlesnake with feathers."

His advice for anyone entering the tank is simple.

"Before you go to 'Shark Tank,' I would say prepare yourself very well," Orta said. "Know your numbers, it's very important because it's one of the most important things sharks want to know about. Be sure you show your passion for your product. For your dream, for whatever you believe." And whatever you do, don't be a shrinking violet.

"If you show any kind of insecurity or you're not too confident in what you're doing or confused, that will reflect completely in the kind of impression you will give the sharks," he said. "Be very secure, be very confident. Prepare yourself ... until you can say 'I can face the sharks,' don't even bother."

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Meet the Sharks

  • Mark is the highly successful entrepreneur and investor who founded HDNet, Broadcast.com and MicroSolutions.

  • Barbara Corcoran parlayed a $1,000 loan into a five-billion-dollar real estate business.

  • Lori Greiner started with one idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar international brand.