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Most expensive places to get married

For many brides, planning the perfect wedding means finding the right dress, choosing the finest venue—and coughing up plenty of cash.

According to TheKnot.com, which on Thursday released the results of its annual Real Weddings Survey, the average wedding budget rose about 5 percent last year, to a record $29,858.

"Wedding budgets have been increasing steadily since the economic downturn of 2008," said Carley Roney, co-founder of The Knot. "Couples are more focused than ever on creating a unique, personalized and once-in-a-lifetime experience for their guests."

The trend in pricey weddings correlates with a decrease in the number people who said the economy impacted their budgets. While the average price has risen about $1,500 since 2009, 20 percent of survey respondents said the economy affected the amount they spent on their nuptials, down from a record 34 percent in 2009.

Although couples are spending more on guest entertainment—including more expensive rehearsal dinners—and on personalized details, such as signature cocktails, the biggest difference in a wedding's price is often tied to location.

While the least expensive place to get married, Idaho, carries a price tag of about $16,000, many parts of the Northeast have an average budget north of $40,000—including one destination that runs at nearly three times the national average.

Click through to see the 10 most expensive places in the U.S. to get married, determined by The Knot's survey of 13,000 brides who wed in 2013.

—By CNBC's Krystina Gustafson
Posted 28 March 2014

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