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French leftist Montebourg promoted in cabinet reshuffle

PARIS - Arnaud Montebourg, a fierce critic of budget austerity, is named French economy minister in a reshuffled government that President Francois Hollande has charged with halting France's economic decline. (FRANCE-GOVERNMENT/ (UPDATE 2, PIX, TV), moving shortly, by Mark John, 740 words)

EU regulators fine Goldman Sachs, Prysmian for cable cartel

BRUSSELS - Investment bank Goldman Sachs, the world's top cablemaker Prysmian, Nexans and eight cable firms are fined a total of 302 million euros ($416 million) by EU antitrust regulators for running a cartel. (EU-CARTEL/ (UPDATE 1), moved, by Foo Yun Chee, 360 words)

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Shares extend rally, euro firm in pre-ECB jockeying

LONDON - World stocks add to their recent rally and the safe-haven yen sags to a 10-week low, as investors focus on the positive in a mixed bag of global economic data. (MARKETS-GLOBAL/ (WRAPUP 6), expect by 1400 GMT/10 AM ET, by Marc Jones, 800 words)

West's targeted Russian sanctions hurt investors

WARSAW/MOSCOW - Western investors face a quandary over how to deal with European and U.S. sanctions against Russia with the rules holding up payments, complicating trade finance and for Elektrobudowa, a Polish industrial group, potentially thwarting its ambition to expand. (RUSSIA/SANCTIONS (PICTURE), expect by 1100 GMT/7 AM ET, by Jakub Iglewski and Megan Davis, 900 words)

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Kashagan: Stuck between "widow maker" and "a rotating bomb"

MILAN - Western oil majors struggling to restart production at one of the world's biggest offshore oilfields in Kazakhstan have found that whole kilometres of pipeline are defective, two people recently returned from the $50 billion project say. (OIL-KASHAGAN/ (INSIGHT, PICTURE), moved, by Oleg Vukmanovic and Stephen Jewkes, 1,430 words)

Bitter times for chocolate factory in Russia-Ukraine crisis

LIPETSK, Russia - After three years of court cases involving authorities and competitors, Taisiya Voronina thought she had seen everything in Russia's rough and tumble business environment. (UKRAINE-CRISIS/RUSSIA-FACTORY (INSIGHT, PICTURE), moved, by Elizabeth Piper, 1,335 words)

Japan may only be able to restart third of nuclear reactors

TOKYO - Three years after the Fukushima disaster prompted the closure of all Japan's nuclear reactors, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is moving to revive nuclear power as a core part of the energy mix, but many of those idled reactors will never come back online. (JAPAN-NUCLEAR/RESTARTS, moved, by Mari Saito, Aaron Sheldrick and Kentaro Hamada, 1,300 words)

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U.S. private sector adds 191,000 jobs in March - ADP

NEW YORK - U.S. private employers add 191,000 workers in March, slightly below economists' expectations, while gains in the prior month were revised higher, a report by a payrolls processor shows. (USA ECONOMY/EMPLOYMENT ADP, moved, 250 words)

Euro zone factory prices slip more than expected in February

BRUSSELS - Euro zone factory prices falls slightly more than expected in February as the cost of energy drops again, reinforcing the case for an ECB interest rate cut as early as this week to fend off the threat of deflation. (EUROZONE-ECONOMY/, moved, 330 words)

Rapid UK construction growth maintained in March

LONDON - Surging growth among housebuilders helps Britain's construction firms maintain a rapid pace of expansion in March and optimism about the months ahead hit its highest level in more than seven years, a survey shows. (PMI-CONSTRUCTION/BRITAIN, moved, 300 words)

Greeks evoke past injustices to overcome bailout shame

ATHENS - Germany is footing much of the bill for Greece's 237 billion euro bailout but Athens-trained dentist Aristomenis Syngelakis feels no gratitude; Berlin owes his country billions in reparations for Nazi crimes during World War Two, he says. (GREECE-GERMANY/ (PICTURE), moved, by Harry Papachristou, 1,400 words)

Two Spanish firms prepare stock debut as economy improves

MADRID - Two Spanish companies are preparing to launch on the stock market, the first public offerings since 2011, adding to signs the economy is tentatively recovering from a deep recession. (SPAIN-APPLUS+/ (UPDATE 2), moved, by Freya Berry and Robert Hetz, 525 words)

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Reuters April foreign exchange poll

LONDON - Reuters has surveyed more than 60 currency strategists on the outlook for dollar exchange rates against the euro, yen, sterling, Swiss franc, South African rand, Russian rouble and Turkish lira. The results will be published at 1320 GMT/9.20 AM ET. (MARKETS-FOREX-POLL/EURO, by Jonathan Cable, 600 words)

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Bouygues says Vivendi can choose between its SFR bids

PARIS - French conglomerate Bouygues will let Vivendi choose between its two offers for telecoms business SFR, as it tries to muscle back into a 15-billion-euro ($21 billion) battle with favoured bidder Numericable. (SFR-BOUYGUES/ (UPDATE 1), moved, 600 words)

New ratings agency Scope flags bank "bail-in" risk

LONDON - The risk that creditors rather than taxpayers will bear the brunt of rescuing a bank in trouble form part of the first credit ratings given to 18 of Europe's biggest banks by new ratings agency Scope. (BANKING-RATINGS/SCOPE, moved, 425 words)

GlaxoSmithKline throws in towel on lung cancer vaccine trial

LONDON - GlaxoSmithKline has stopped a high-profile clinical trial using a novel vaccine to fight lung cancer after deciding it is not possible to find a sub-group of patients who might benefit. (GSK-CANCER/ (UPDATE 1), moved, by Ben Hirschler, 425 words)

Widow of Zurich CFO confronts insurer at AGM over suicide

ZURICH - The widow of Pierre Wauthier, the Zurich CFO who killed himself in August and alleged work pressures in a note left behind, is set to confront the company over its handling of the tragedy at a shareholder meeting. (ZURICH SUICIDE/PIX), expect by 1300 GMT/9 AM ET, by Alice Baghdjian, 300 words)

Chinese coal firms creak under heavy debt, tumbling prices

ORDOS, China - Slowing growth in China and a flood of cheaper imports have led to tumbling coal prices in the country, now at 6-year lows, and miners in Inner Mongolia and elsewhere are grappling with overcapacity, sluggish demand and shrinking bank credit. (CHINA-COAL/, moved, by Fayen Wong, 1,200 words)

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Relaxed export rules could upend some condensate plants

HOUSTON - Up and down the Texas coast, energy companies and oil traders are sprinting ahead with plans to build more than half a dozen small, basic processing plants that will transform an ultra-light type of oil into fuel components that can be exported. (USA-OIL/CONDENSATE-EXPORTS (ANALYSIS), moved, by Kristen Hays, 1,080 words)

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Lufthansa pilots start 3-day strike over early retirement

FRANKFURT - Lufthansa pilots start a walkout that has prompted the German carrier to cancel about 3,800 flights, in what could become one of the biggest strikes ever to hit the airline. (GERMANY-STRIKE/ (UPDATE 2), moving shortly, by Victoria Bryan and Peter Maushagen, 935 words)

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ASOS says growth story still intact after profit falls

LONDON - British online fashion retailer ASOS says its long-term growth ambitions are as strong as ever, after it posts a 22 percent fall in first half profit that reflects a step-up in its investment programme. (ASOS/ (UPDATE 2, PICTURE), moved, by James Davey, 650 words)


Frustrated Kuwaitis ask, why is Kuwait falling behind?

KUWAIT - With a youthful, well-educated population, strong relationships with both neighbours and world powers, and a strategic location on the Gulf, major oil producer Kuwait should be as dynamic a hub for the region as Dubai or Doha. (KUWAIT-DECLINE/ (FEATURE, PICTURE), moved, by Sylvia Westall, 1,055 words)