BlackBerry CEO: This patient can be saved

Source: Recode

BlackBerry CEO John Chen rates the chances of saving the once-ubiquitous BlackBerry handset as 80/20.

"I'm quite confident that we can save the patient" he told attendees at the tech-centric Code Conference in southern California.

Still, if the company has to ditch the handset, and survive on its software and patents, the company can do so, he said.

"I will be able to create a lot of value for our shareholder even without handset business, but I can create more with the handset business," Chen said.

He said the company will be coming out with a device designed to appeal to telecom companies, though he declined to give more details.

Asked whether he was the most qualified person to run the troubled company, he responded: "Am I the most qualified? No, I'm the only one they could find."

He also declined to comment when asked if the company would be making Android handsets.


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