SocialWorkDegreeGuide.com Highlights the 25 Cheapest Master's in Social Work Degree Programs from U.S. News and World Report's Top 100 Programs

POTTSTOWN, Pa., June 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- People interested in becoming social workers can find the cheapest graduate programs in the United States in a new article published by Social Work Degree Guide. "Top 25 Most Affordable Master's in Social Work Programs" ranks the universities by order of quality and affordability. Social Work Degree Guide is on a mission to help prospective and current social workers learn more about the profession, and the rankings for cheap degrees make a noteworthy addition to its website.

The 25 cheapest degree programs were selected from a list of 100 top graduate programs in social work as rated by U.S. News and World Report. Each school was ranked by cost of tuition and assigned a number on a scale of highest to lowest. Every school in Social Work Degree Guide's article has tuition fees that are well below the average cost for MSW programs.

"We're pleased to be able to offer the results of our research in this free format online," said editor Taryn Baer. "After all, helping future social workers be the best they can be is our number one priority."

Career choices for social workers hinge on educational and professional credentials, according to the National Association of Social Workers. Master's degrees in social work can qualify workers for numerous clinical applications, administrative jobs, civil positions and opportunities to teach. Social Work Degree Guide offers "Top 25 Most Affordable Master's in Social Work Programs" as a free resource for individuals looking for career advancement. View the full list here: http://www.socialworkdegreeguide.com/affordable-masters.

Following are the 25 cheapest U.S. universities with graduate programs in social work according to Social Work Degree Guide's calculations:

1. University of North Carolina, Department of Social Work: Charlotte, North Carolina
2. University of North Carolina, School of Social Work: Wilmington, North Carolina
3. University of Montana, School of Social Work: Missoula, Montana
4. University of Utah, College of Social Work: Salt Lake City, Utah
5. Georgia State University, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies: Atlanta, Georgia
6. University of North Dakota, Department of Social Work: Grand Forks, North Dakota
7. Rhode Island College, School of Social Work: Providence, Rhode Island
8. California State University, Division of Social Work: Sacramento, California
9. San Jose State University, School of Social Work: San Jose, California
10. San Francisco State University, School of Social Work: San Francisco, California
11. California State University, School of Social Work: Los Angeles, California
12. California State University, School of Social Work: Long Beach, California
13. San Diego State University, School of Social Work: San Diego, California
14. University of Central Florida, School of Social Work, College of Health and Public Affairs: Orlando, Florida
15. Louisiana State University, School of Social Work: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
16. North Carolina State University, Department of Social Work: Raleigh, North Carolina
17. University of Maine, School of Social Work: Orono, Maine
18. University of Wisconsin, Professional Programs in Social Work: Green Bay, Wisconsin
19. University of Georgia, School of Social Work: Athens, Georgia
20. University of Indiana, School of Social Work: Indianapolis, Indiana
21. West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Department of Social Work: West Chester, Pennsylvania
22. University of Texas, School of Social Work: Arlington, Texas
23. University of Iowa, School of Social Work: Iowa City, Iowa
24. University of Missouri, School of Social Work: Columbia, Missouri
25. University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare: Lawrence, Kansas


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