MagniLife® Joins with SPS as Trading Partner for EDI Services

MCKINNEY, Texas, June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Alternative health products are big business these days, especially for pain relief, and pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, Rite Aid, and Wal-Mart know it. With so many people turning towards over-the-counter treatments as alternatives to expensive prescription drugs, major retailers have been focusing on carrying an expanding line of healthcare products like Pain Relieving Foot Cream and Restless Legs Cream from MagniLife®.

In order to improve the communication link between The Magni Group, Inc. and the pharmacies that sell their products, MagniLife® has partnered with SPS Commerce and their new Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for more efficient product delivery to its retailers.

What is EDI? In its most efficient form, the purchase order and invoice travels directly out of a sender's computer system directly into a receiver's computer system without any human intervention; No paperwork. No hassles. Purchase orders, invoices and other documents that once took weeks to process are now created and delivered within hours.

When the product is loaded for shipment, EDI will generate an electronic shipping notice to the Retailer and coordinate with the distributor warehouse to meet the delivery commitment. With the SPS cloud-based EDI service, MagniLife® can easily achieve compliance with various retailers that have widely diverse distributor requirements.

EDI reduces inventory, supports more accurate forecasts and allows MagniLife® to respond more quickly to sales and with little or no need for manual data entry. Valuable office resources are also freed up to focus on additional business functions. Best of all, it's more cost effective than traditional paper methods.

The supply chain is an increasingly important strategic asset that can add to the health of MagniLife's bottom line. As the impact of supply chain performance grows, EDI has become the essential next step to better relationships and bigger sales by taking the complexity out of compliance, which allows MagniLife® to strengthen partner relationships and uncover new opportunities for business growth. By utilizing the new EDI technology, MagniLife® reinforces its commitment to providing innovative supply chain solutions while focusing on growing national and international distribution.

Retailers and pharmacies looking for more information on MagniLife® and their healthcare products can contact the company at:

1-800-645-9199 Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm CST.



SOURCE The Magni Group, Inc.