TAKE A LOOK-Economic impact of the Ukraine crisis

Aug 15 (Reuters) - Here is a selection of Reuters news, comment and analysis on the economic fall-out from Russia's stand-off with the West over Ukraine.


>Putin sounds conciliatory note on visit to annexed Crimea

>Europe "shot itself in foot" with sanctions - Hungary PM

>NATO chief: "high probability" Russia will intervene in Ukraine

>Ukraine readies sanctions on Russian citizens

>EU, U.S. announce new sanctions on Russia

>Russia bans all U.S. food, EU fruit

>Moscow says sanctions to hit ties with West

>Obama: Russia strains don't mean new Cold War

>Moscow may force European airlines to fly around Russia


>Euro zone economy grinds to halt even before sanctions bite

>EU seeks to take sting out of Russia food ban

>Ukraine may force changes in Russian gas transit to Europe

>ECB warns of Ukraine threat to economy

>Ukraine economy shrinks faster as conflict takes toll

>IMF's Lagarde says Ukraine programme may change

>Poland's manufacturing shrinks

>Russian restaurateurs wrangle with food ban

>Russia food ban offers big opportunity for Brazil

>Italy counts cost as Russia spurns pears, Grana Padano

>Germany halts Rheinmetall defence deal with Russia

>Russia eyes pension savings to plug budget hole - paper

>Sanctions could spell economic crisis for Finland - PM

>Sanctions could blow euro zone off course

>Putin ally: Russia business will not turn on him over sanctions

>Russia says food bans have no impact on grain exports

>FACTBOX on Russia's trade restrictions

>FACTBOX on Russia's top food suppliers

>FACTBOX on food imports sanctioned by Russia


>Russian shares broadly flat, all eyes on Ukraine

>Food ban, budget woes put Russia market under cosh

>Russian bond market finds pulse


>FACTBOX-The effect of sanctions on European companies

>Rosneft to ask state for $40 bln to weather sanctions

>E.ON profit falls as weak rouble hits Russia business

>Schlumberger sees hit to earnings from sanctions

>Henkel sees turmoil in Russia, forex markets, hurting growth

>Coca-Cola takes adds off four Russian TV channels <Danish retails scrap plan for hundreds of stores in Russia

>RBS restricts lending in Russia

>Russia's VTB looks elsewhere as U.S. taps shut

>Novatek says sanctions strain Yamal funding

>Top Russian banks try to reassure investors

>SocGen keeps faith with Russia growth story

>Russian car market decline gathers pace

>Bank Austria says can prosper in Russia despite sanctions

>European banks try to keep Russian clients

>Spanish utility stock rally hangs on Ukraine

>Sanctions throw Norway fish sector into turmoil


>German companies start to feel pain of Russia crisis

>Putin may have passed point of no return

>Putin sales tax shows pain of policy dilemmas

>U.S. chicken farmers caught in sanctions crosshairs

>Russia import ban to have limited effect on Western food firms


>Ukraine crisis sends NATO "back to basics"

>Putin Ukraine gamble hastens Russian talent drain Putin Ukraine invasion threat is not his preference

>End of the "Wirtschaftswunder? Germany's sudden slowdown

>Putin pays dearly for Ukraine, looks willing to sacrifice more

>EU energy curbs on Russia mostly "sanctions theatre"

>Putin is the new bad weather

(Compiled by Tom Pfeiffer)