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  • Stocks Pare Losses as Close Nears; Tech Rises Monday, 22 Nov 2010 | 4:00 PM ET

    Stocks pared losses Monday afternoon as techs and retailers rose in the final half hour of trading as the market continued to digest a potential insider trader scandal as well as a lack of clarity over the direction of financially troubled European countries. BofA and JPMorgan fell, while HP rose.

  • Plus, a call on the market’s top high-growth stocks.

  • News Corp

    The American media magnate and CEO of News Corp, Rupert Murdoch and Apple CEO, Steve Jobs worked secretively to create a tablet-based news outlet operating out of the 26th floor of the News Corp building.

  • With Netflix more than 200% higher ytd, when will this trade crash and burn? Oprah Winfrey may be waving you out, right now.

  • Where Will You be Reading This Next Year? Monday, 22 Nov 2010 | 2:40 PM ET

    How you get the news matters—particularly to finance professionals, not just accuracy but speed.

  • TJ Maxx selling the Apple iPad for $399.

    Discount retailer TJ Maxx certainly created a lot of buzz this past weekend by offering Apple's iPads for $399—yes, that's right $100 off the tablet computer's usually price. The stunt points out a lot of trends about this year's holiday shopping season.

  • The workplace needs more than a little "tweaking." Customers are frustrated, brands are unraveling, executive turnover is accelerating and workers are disgruntled. Now more than ever according to award-winning author Stephen Denning, what we need now is a radically different kind of management.

  • Six Tips When Buying Consumer Electronics  Monday, 22 Nov 2010 | 9:49 AM ET
    China Retail

    Odds are you’re going to buy or receive a gadget this holiday season. Consumer electronics are always one of the top gift items in December, but the rush to get the latest gadget sometimes prevents people from thinking things through completely. Here are a few easy tricks that make electronics shopping—and the early days of owning these devices—a bit more bearable.

  • Gourmet Launches A Moveable Feast Friday, 19 Nov 2010 | 3:46 PM ET
    Michael Wolf

    Less than a year after shuttering Gourmet magazine, Conde Nast Publications is serving up seconds. Rather than returning to newsstands the magazine is available only on Apple’s iPad. The food world's best-known brand has moved from the page to the screen.

  • Scrooge Hasn’t Left the Building Friday, 19 Nov 2010 | 12:00 PM ET

    This holiday season is setting up to be a real nail biter. Most holiday forecasts call for flat or just slightly higher sales than last year. But several factors may tip the scale. On the plus-side: there is a more upbeat mood among affluent consumers as well as a strong appetite for gadgets and electronics. On the downside: there is an uncertain economy, with unemployment stubbornly high, and a consumer who looks at spending quite differently than in the past. What will shift the balance?

  • Retailers Think Out of The Box This Holiday Friday, 19 Nov 2010 | 12:00 PM ET
    Macys at Jersey City decorated for holidays

    Times are tough, and retailers are getting creative, wrapping their marketing campaigns in some unlikely packaging this year, from new “grab-and-go” gift shops at Macy’s to new flexible payment options at Sears.

  • Did You Miss This Stock Sale? Thursday, 18 Nov 2010 | 7:37 PM ET

    If so, Cramer shows you how to catch the next one.

  • Opportunities Abound in These Emerging Markets Thursday, 18 Nov 2010 | 7:17 PM ET

    US markets may be a little flat this month, but that doesn't mean there aren't growing investment opportunities in emerging markets. Here, our traders detail some of their favorites.

  • Reebok Sees Future In Selling Out Of A Machine Thursday, 18 Nov 2010 | 4:04 PM ET

    If you've been to an airport recently, you might have seen those vending machines with high-priced Apple items. Well, the company behind that technology is now helping Reebok sell its products in this untraditional way.

  • What About the US’s Other 500M GM Shares? Thursday, 18 Nov 2010 | 3:27 PM ET

    Plus, calls on what might be the most popular holiday gift this season and more.

  • Apple's Steve Wozniak sent shock waves when he said the Android operating system would overtake the iPhone. Jon Najarian weighs in with his best trade.

  • Lightning Round: Apple, Netflix, Union Pacific and More Wednesday, 17 Nov 2010 | 6:50 PM ET

    Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

  • Halftime: Top Traders Plays on GM IPO Wednesday, 17 Nov 2010 | 1:44 PM ET

    The "Fast" traders share their thoughts on the much-anticipated stock offering from General Motors and how to trade it.

  • Halftime: Is China About To Drag Down S&P? Wednesday, 17 Nov 2010 | 1:29 PM ET

    Forget Europe's debt crisis, the Street is much more concerned about something else.

  • Options Action: Apple Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010 | 5:55 PM ET

    With technology down about 5% in the last 5 days, how should you trade Apple, arguably a tech stock with torque.