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  • 'Touch ID' to be featured on new iPhone 5s

    Apple has announced a fingerprint reader on the new iPhone 5s. Mike Gikas, Consumer Reports, breaks down Apple's event.

  • iTunes Radio to launch on iOS 7

    Apple's iOS 7 will launch September 18th and ITunes Radio will be integrated within the software. CNBC's Julia Boorstin tracks the impact on Pandora stock. Shahid Khan, Mediamorph Chairman, and Spencer Ante, Wall Street Journal, weigh in.

  • A look at the new iPhone 5s

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan reveals video of the upgraded iPhone 5s. The phone will have an A7 64-bit chip, and is made of metal in black, gold and silver.

  • Checking on Apple's suppliers

    CNBC's Seema Mody is tracking the stocks that do business with Apple, as the tech giant announces its new products.

  • A rainbow of colors for iPhone 5c

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan reveals video of the iPhone 5c that comes in a rainbow of colors. The subsidized price for the iPhone 5c 16GB model will sell at $99, and $199 for the 32GB model.

  • iPhone 5c subsidized price starts at $99

    The subsidized price for the iPhone 5c (16GB) model will be $99. The 32GB model will sell for $199. CNBC's Brian Sullivan has the details.

  • iPhone 5c on its way: Apple

    The iPhone 5 will be replaced with 2 new models, reports CNBC's Brian Sullivan. The iPhone 5c will become a reality.

  • Apple's new iOS 7 coming

    On September 18th, Apple will make its new iOS 7 available for download, reports CNBC's Brian Sullivan. Also, iTunes Radio will be integrated in iOS 7.

  • Frustrated with Siri?

    Apple is announcing it has made significant improvements to its Siri operating system, reports CNBC's Brian Sullivan.

  • Apple behind in the living room: Pro

    As Apple kicks off its big Tuesday event, Shahid Khan, MediaMorph chairman, and Spencer Ante, Wall Street Journal, shares their opinions on the company's innovation.

  • Pork loin with apples.

    Professional trader Kenny Polcari offers his thoughts on the market as well as his recipe of the day.

  • Three new companies - Goldman Sachs, Visa, and Nike - will replace current Dow Industrial Average components before market open on Sept. 23.

  • Don't expect game-changing moment from Apple: Expert

    Walter Mossberg, AllThingsD, discusses what fans and critics are likely to see when the tech giant makes a major announcement later today.

  • Any surprises coming from Apple?

    CNBC's Jon Fortt explains why a lot of people will be disappointed if Apple doesn't price the new iPhone correctly.

  • Trade-ins: The new battle in retail

    Competition for foot traffic intensifies as Wal-Mart launches an in-store trade-in program, CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports.

  • Apple: Secrecy the best policy?

    Steven Levy, Wired Magazine, and Tim Stevens, CNET, weigh in on whether too much information has been leaked out of Apple's ecosystem, and if secrecy is the secret to the tech giant's success.

  • An investor watches the electronic board at a stock exchange hall in Shanghai, China.

    Better Chinese data plus lower odds of a military strike against Damascus is lifting stocks globally.

  • U.S. stock index futures moved higher Tuesday following another upbeat round of data from China, while fears over an imminent strike on Syria receded.

  • Happy Tuesday. Get your "oohs" and "aahs" ready, Apple has two new smartphones.

  • Big day for Apple

    Tom Forte,Telsey Advisory Group, and Andrew Tonner, The Motley Fool, share their thoughts on Apple's new iPhones and possible distribution deal in China, ahead of the tech giants big announcement later today.