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  • SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 1- Two weeks before trial in a high-stakes lawsuit pitting Google's Motorola Mobility unit against Microsoft, Google made what has become a common request for a tech company fighting for billions of dollars: a public court proceeding conducted largely in secret.

  • Can Apple Afford to Ignore Emerging Markets?

    From India and Indonesia to Brazil, the cost of an iPhone is often double or triple, the price in developed countries, due mostly to a lack of availability and subsidies from mobile network operators.

  • WASHINGTON, Nov 1- A Federal Trade Commission staff report has recommended that the government sue Google for violating U.S. antitrust law because it asked courts to stop the sale of some products that infringe its essential patents, a source told Reuters Thursday.

  • SEATTLE, Nov 1- Days after launching Windows 8, Microsoft Corp is mounting a strong campaign to win over the software developers it needs to kick-start its new operating system. A lack of apps is Microsoft's Achilles heel as it attempts to catch Apple Inc and Google Inc in the rush toward mobile computing.

  • Apple Moves to Launch Music Service, Pandora Plummets

    Pandora's CEO remains upbeat about competition in the mobile-music space despite the fact that tech titans like Apple, Google and Microsoft are moving in. Everybody smile!

  • NEW YORK- Huge logistical problems from power failures and navigational hazards roil the massive New York Harbor oil hub in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, threatening widespread delays in fuel deliveries off the New York Mercantile Exchange's futures contracts (STORM-SANDY/CME-DELIVERIES, moving shortly, 800 words).

  • Microsoft led a tech rally Thursday, but does the sector have room to run?

  • The Post-Sandy Quest: Coffee ... And a Shower

    With power still out for thousands along the Northeast, industrious residents are roaming their neighborhoods for basic necessities. The day begins with a search for a cup of coffee.

  • SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 1- Apple Inc's iPad mini uses a display from South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, one of Apple's major suppliers and also its fiercest rival in the global mobile-device market that the two companies dominate.

  • What's the Best Smartphone in an Emergency?

    There are three things to think about when calamity strikes: can you make a phone call? Can you keep tabs on the latest information? And will your battery last? So, what's the best phone for this?

  • SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 1- Apple Inc's new iPad mini includes a display from South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, a key supplier but also the Silicon Valley tech giant's fiercest rival in a global mobile-device war.

  • SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 1- Apple Inc's new iPad mini appears to include an LCD display driver from South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, a key supplier but also the Silicon Valley tech giant's fiercest rival in a global mobile-device war.

  • Pandora CEO on New Mobile Apps

    Internet music company Pandora is trading higher today after unveiling new mobile apps on Monday. Joseph Kennedy, Pandora CEO, speaks to CNBC's Julia Boorstin.

  • UK Court to Apple: Say Sorry Like You Mean It

    Apple's never been one for apologies, so when a UK court ordered the tech giant to issue a public apology to Samsung, Apple took the opportunity to poke fun at Samsung while following court orders.

  • A Spooky October For Apple Investors

    Will Power, Robert W. Baird analyst, explains why shares of the tech giant are off nearly 11% in the month of October. Also, Ed Maguire, CLSA analyst, weighs in on whether it is time to buy Microsoft.

  • One of the smartest and most influential Apple analysts, John Gruber of Daring Fireball, predicts that the iPad Mini will become the best-selling iPad.

  • Apple Will Reveal More Than Just Smaller iPad at Event: Report

    A decision to fire Scott Forstall, the leader of mobile software development, means the departure of a high-ranking proponent of the visual design style for software favored by Steve Jobs.

  • *Sony Q2 oper profit 30.3 bln yen; keeps FY fcast for 130 bln yen profit. TOKYO, Nov 1- Struggling Japanese TV maker Sharp Corp warned it might not be able to survive on its own, as it almost doubled its full-year net loss forecast to $5.6 billion, and said it was considering alliances with other companies.

  • *Sony Q2 operating profit 30.3 bln yen. *Sony keeps FY fcast for 130 bln yen oper profit. Bigger Japanese rival Sony Corp, which blazed a trail in the early 1980 s with its Walkman portable music players, made a small operating profit in July-September and kept its forecast for a full-year profit of $1.63 billion.

  • TOKYO, Nov 1- Japan's Sharp Corp, the struggling maker of Aquos TVs, increased its full-year operating loss forecast to 155 billion yen from a previous 100 billion yen loss forecast.