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  • Homes of CEOs Monday, 13 Jun 2011 | 4:29 PM ET
    In May 2011, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought a $7 million home in Palo Alto, Calif. He doesn’t move in for a few months, so the address remains a closely guarded secret until the current occupants move out. However, a few details have emerged -- the 5,000-square-foot home has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a pool. It’s not quite on the same level as Bill Gates’ 50,050-square-foot Washington mansion (pictured, left), but it’s not a bad start for a man whose last few homes were rentals.Zuck

    In May 2011, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought a $7 million home in Palo Alto, California. Click to see the homes of CEOs in sectors such as technology, energy, fashion and more.

  • Bulls Snap Up Independent Oil Company Options Monday, 13 Jun 2011 | 11:03 AM ET

    Brigham Exploration said last week that harsh weather will harm oil production—but that didn't stop bulls from charging into upside options.

  • Cramer Answers Mad Mail Friday, 10 Jun 2011 | 6:50 PM ET
    Cramer Answers Mad Mail

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer answers your questions.

  • Another stock that benefits from Apple’s iCloud? Friday, 10 Jun 2011 | 6:48 PM ET

    Find out Cramer’s calls as he answers his “Mad Mail.”

  • CNBC.com Market Outlook Friday, 10 Jun 2011 | 5:00 PM ET
    CNBC.com Market Outlook

    The week's top business news and investment advice, including cyber security picks and earnings plays, with CNBC's Sue Herera.

  • Can Apple Anchor a Shopping Mall? Don't Count on It Friday, 10 Jun 2011 | 2:33 PM ET
    Apple Store Upper Westside Manhattan

    Apple is challenging the dominance of department stores, according to The Wall Street Journal. But there are several functions an anchor serves that Apple is unlikely to fill.

  • Poll: Power Lunch with Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs? Friday, 10 Jun 2011 | 11:21 AM ET

    Bidders on eBay are offering as much as $2 million for lunch with Warren Buffett. But, would you rather have a Power Lunch with Steve Jobs? Take our poll and share your opinion.

  • Who's Cooler: Apple or Google? Thursday, 9 Jun 2011 | 12:35 PM ET
    Steve Jobs Introduces iCloud

    Google's homepage today has an interactive guitar. It comes days after Apple launched its new iCloud. So who's cooler? Take our poll and share your opinion.

  • Fusion Soars, Taomee Falls on First Trading Day Thursday, 9 Jun 2011 | 11:59 AM ET
    NYSE trader

    As Fusion-io and Taomee made their trading debuts Thursday, investors made it clear—technology is in and Chinese companies are out.

  • See what's happening, who's talking and what will be making headlines on Thursday's Squawk on the Street.

  • Nokia Misery Continues With Departure and Downgrade Thursday, 9 Jun 2011 | 5:05 AM ET

    The woes of Nokia, the world’s largest phone maker, took another turn Thursday with the departure of a key executive and further falls in its share price.

  • Disbelief Aside, Here's Why Apple + Intel Makes Sense Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011 | 6:28 PM ET

    Is it possible there may actually be some substance behind the rumors that Apple is looking to partner with Intel?

  • E3: US PlayStation Chief Addresses Hack Attacks Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011 | 5:20 PM ET
    E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo - A CNBC Special Report

    Jack Tretton, President of Sony Computer Entertainment America, finnaly broke his silence about   the recent hacker attack which resulted in the theft of personal information.

  • Call of the Day: Apple-Intel Partnership Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011 | 5:17 PM ET
    Call of the Day: Apple-Intel Partnership

    Glen Yeung, Citigroup analyst, sheds insight on whether Intel could partner up with Apple. "If Intel were to fabricate something for Apple, it would be on Arm," he says.

  • Halftime: Gaming the Chip Trade Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011 | 2:34 PM ET

    With chip stocks driving the S&P for most of the year, what are top pros watching for in the space now?

  • E3: Consoles & Core Gamers are Back Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011 | 1:38 PM ET
    Electronic Entertainment Expo E3

    It's day two of the annual video game convention and some new themes have emerged as the whole industry battles the rise of games on smartphones and tablets.

  • The German Example Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011 | 11:07 AM ET
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel

    Germany has been a frequent cudgel in recent fights over the American economy. When Germany has grown faster than the United States, stimulus skeptics like to point across the Atlantic Ocean and say that austerity works. When it has grown more slowly, people who think the American stimulus made a big difference — including me — return the favor the Mew York Times reports.

  • Next Big DotCom Trend: Helping People Make Cash? Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011 | 8:27 AM ET

    Helping individuals to make money is the next big trend for investing in online companies, according to one of the early investors in TweetDeck.

  • Tablets' Biggest Challenge: Peddling Extra Data Plans Tuesday, 7 Jun 2011 | 11:36 PM ET

    AsSamsung releases its latest Galaxy 10.1 tablet in New York, the key challenge may not be how it does compared to rivals such as the ipad, but how the device is sold.

  • Stocks End Down for Fifth Day After Bernanke Tuesday, 7 Jun 2011 | 4:48 PM ET

    Stocks gave up all of the day's earlier gains Tuesday to close lower for a fifth straight session, after Fed chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledged the economic slowdown, but didn't imply any further monetary stimulus ahead.