Stocks Apple Inc

  • Are these the new iPhone C?

    Apple may get a bigger boost from its event next week than previously expected, industry analysts said.

  • Apple iTunes Radio

    Despite the fact that it's going after a piece of Pandora's ad revenue, the true upside for Apple is a way to sell more music.

  • A federal judge who found Apple liable for conspiring to fix e-book prices entered an injunction on Friday intended to bar the iPad maker from further antitrust violations.

  • Judge issues injunction against Apple

    A judge has issued an injunction against Apple in the e-book case. CNBC's Dominic Chu reports.

  • Apple runs on rumor, general letdown follows

    Brian Blair, Wedge Partners, says he believes Apple is going to attack the mid-tier of the smartphone market and that the company is not likely to surprise with a TV or watch. He says the fingerprint technology is probably the big innovation at next week's event.

  • U.S. stock index futures spiked higher Friday as the weaker-than-expected jobs report raised questions over whether the Federal Reserve would delay pulling back on its easy-monetary policy.

  • President Barack Obama

    It's time to make Google, Apple, and other companies pay more taxes. That's the message from President Obama and leaders of the world's economies at a summit ending Friday.

  • iTunes Radio: What to expect

    CNBC's Julia Boorstin and Jonathan Geller of Boy Genius Report discuss Apple's plans for the service.

  • Aussie teen leaks new iPhone info

    A teen in Australia has leaked information about the new iPhone ahead of next week's big Apple announcement. His latest online release reportedly shows a fingerprint scanner from the new iPhone. The "Squawk Box" team discusses the legality of posting allegedly proprietary information on the Web.

  • CNBC highlights the major new products that are drawing crowds at this year's IFA technology event.

  • Carl Icahn (L), Bill Ackman (R)

    Activist investors are back. A whole new generation of cage-rattlers are taking on some of the world's biggest corporations.

  • Apple labor standards in the spotlight

    Kevin Slaten, Program Coordinator at China Labor Watch, discusses the organization's report of fresh labor violations in a Chinese factory producing Apple's soon-to-be-released cheap iPhone.

  • Aussie teen who has built an online following by leaking pictures of upcoming Apple products has done it again, showing off the latest iPhone ahead of its expected launch next week.

  • An American icon: the Apple store in Manhattan

    Bulls have been looking for a signal that Apple is a buy. Has it finally come?

  • Cruzin Cooler

    Tailgating has evolved since its early days and now there are a number of devices on the market that will take your burgers and beers to the next level.

  • Samsung's throws smartwatch punch

    CNBC's Jon Fortt; George Zachary, Charles River Ventures; and Lance Ulanoff, Mashable, discuss what tech giants need to do to create the best smartwatch.

  • Wearable tech & new post-phone tech

    The smartphone market is getting saturated and, as a result, tech companies expect consumers to migrate to new, wearable technologies, like smartwatches from Samsung or Qualcomm, reports CNBC's Jon Fortt.

  • Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai remains committed to the firm's flagging TV business despite recent calls for it to be streamlined, he told CNBC at the IFA electronics show in Berlin Wednesday.

  • A Samsung Electronics Co. Galaxy Gear watch and Galaxy Note 3.

    Samsung's Galaxy Gear is unlikely to be a game changer for the consumer technology giant, even after the company beat rival Apple with the launch of its smartwatch on Wednesday.

  • Sony CEO: Xperia Z1 will boost bottom line

    As Sony unveiled its new smartphone, CEO Kazuo Hirai told Geoff Cutmore in a first on CNBC interview that he expects the Xperia Z-1 to boost Sony's bottom line this fiscal year.