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Apple Inc


  • Options Action: Apple Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010 | 5:55 PM ET

    With technology down about 5% in the last 5 days, how should you trade Apple, arguably a tech stock with torque.

  • Are Billionaire Investors Bullish or Bearish Apple? Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010 | 5:50 PM ET

    With so much chatter about Apple, it seemed like a good time to parse through the 13F filings and see how the big boys are positioned.

  • What The Beatles Bring to Apple Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010 | 2:45 PM ET
    Beatles White Album

    It's the 21st century British invasion: The Beatles have come to iTunes, closing the biggest hole in the product lineup of the world's biggest music retailer.

  • Halftime: Are Tech Stocks 'Broken'? Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010 | 1:27 PM ET

    Joe Terranova of Virtus Investment Partners thinks so. Here's how he and the rest of the "Fast Money" traders are playing the tech space.

  • Apple Says iTunes Will Sell Music From Beatles Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010 | 11:29 AM ET
    The Beatles

    Apple says its iTunes service will sell music from the Fab Four. The Beatles have so far been the most prominent holdout from iTunes and other online music services.

  • Cord Cut: Cable Losing Subscribers in Record Numbers Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010 | 11:13 AM ET

    Cable companies need to adapt to the ever-changing needs of its customers or risk losing them for good.

  • Beatles Finally for Sale on Apple’s iTunes Store Monday, 15 Nov 2010 | 8:15 PM ET
    The Beatles

    The Beatles look set to make their music available for the first time on Apple’s industry-leading iTunes digital entertainment store, the company behind the iPod and iPhone is expected to announce on Tuesday, signaling an end to the company’s disputes with the best-selling band. The FT reports.

  • Silicone Chip

    Investors look to giants like Google and Cisco for clues to where the market is headed, but where do the giants themselves look when it comes to discovering the next big thing? In many cases it's small tech startups. ...A report from TheStreet.

  • Whale Watching: George Soros, John Paulson Monday, 15 Nov 2010 | 6:40 PM ET

    It's that time of the quarter - when big investors reveal how they're positioned. It's 13F time!

  • Stocks Gave up Gains to End Mixed; Disney Falls Monday, 15 Nov 2010 | 4:41 PM ET

    Stocks fell in the last few minutes of trading Monday to close mixed despite being higher most of the day after an upbeat retail sales report, and news that firms were beginning to spend cash on acquisitions. Caterpillar rose, Disney fell.

  • Market Turns Lower, Led by Materials, Energy Monday, 15 Nov 2010 | 4:12 PM ET

    Stocks fell on Monday as investors recouped from last week's selloff to focus on an upbeat retail sales report, and news that firms were beginning to spend cash on acquisitions. Caterpillar rose, Disney fell.

  • Comcast Takes Its Content to the iPad Monday, 15 Nov 2010 | 1:00 PM ET

    Comcast is bringing "TV Everywhere" mobile. The cable giant just announced a new Xfinity TV app, to allow digital TV subscribers to watch TV and program their DVRs, first on Apple's iPad and iPhone, with versions coming for Android devices later this year.

  • How the Smartphone Is Killing the GPS Device Monday, 15 Nov 2010 | 11:37 AM ET

    The auto navigation device may soon begin to disappear, industry experts say, as satellite-tracking technology is absorbed into smartphones and automobiles. The New York Times reports.

  • iTunes

    On Apple's homepage this morning, there's a cryptic message: "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget. Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes."

  • alien_200.jpg

    At half past noon today, NASA is scheduled to hold a press conference to discuss the discovery of “an exceptional object in our cosmic neighborhood.”

  • Is Motorola Worth the Risk? Friday, 12 Nov 2010 | 6:38 PM ET

    Given some smart changes that erased its also-ran status, it just might be.

  • Nov. 12: Unusual Volume Leaders Friday, 12 Nov 2010 | 4:30 PM ET

    What follows is a look at stocks in the S&P 500 displaying unusual volume in today's trading session.

  • Video Game Prices Are Too High: THQ CEO Friday, 12 Nov 2010 | 4:24 PM ET

    It’s not uncommon to hear consumers grumble that the price of video games is too high, but that’s not something you expect to hear from the CEO of a game publishing company.

  • Awaiting Apple's iOS — Update Friday, 12 Nov 2010 | 12:39 PM ET
    Apple Store

    Apple’s iOS 4.2 is due later this month. Some expected it as soon as today, but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

  • The Tablet Trade: iPad vs. Galaxy Thursday, 11 Nov 2010 | 6:56 PM ET

    Eagerly awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy, Collin Gillis of BGC Partners talks about how it sizes up to Apple's iPad.