Stocks Alphabet Class A

  • Cramer said that this major turning point for the tech giant could drive the stock price significantly higher.

  • Is Google buying NFL Sunday ticket package?

    The Internet giant may be striking a big-time content deal with the National Football League, reports the "Squawk on the Street" team.

  • CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of internet.org, what Facebook calls "a global partnership with the goal of making Internet access available to the next 5 billion people."

  • Goldman Sachs experienced a trading glitch that caused a huge batch of erroneous trades Tuesday. Many may be canceled but the snafu could still cost Goldman upwards of $100 million.

  • Motorola's Moto X

    Smartphone makers are experimenting with new sizes, features and customization options to stand out from their competitors. But what do consumers actually want?

  • A TiVo Inc. Stream device is displayed at Pepcom DigitalFocus in New York.

    The company known for popularizing DVR capabilities for cable subscribers is looking to revolutionize TV again.

  • Google 9 years after IPO: Buy, sell or hold?

    Google still has bright days ahead, Stuart Frankel's Steve Grasso says.

  • Stocks kicked off the week with a thud, with the Dow and S&P 500 logging their first four-day losing streaks this year, as Treasury yields hit a two-year high amid ongoing worries over when the Federal Reserve might start to reduce its asset purchases.

  • It doesn't look like Google Glass will be hitting the shelves in time for this holiday season.

  • U.S. lawmakers are once again racing around the globe on privately financed tours—trips watchdog groups cite as evidence that congressional ethics reforms are unraveling.

  • Happy IPO birthday, Google

    CNBC's Jon Fortt reports 40 percent of traffic dropped to GoSquared's customer sites; and Mike Isaac, AllThingsD, discusses his opinions on whether Google has gotten too big.

  • OpenDNS employees take Yoga lessons on their company rooftop.

    Silicon Valley start-ups are offering novel perks—massages, body analytics, subsidized rents, trips to Tahoe and even helicopter rides—in hopes they will land top talent.

  • 9th Anniversary of Google IPO

    The SEC is probing whether JPMorgan hired children of Chinese officials to win business, and Google celebrate the 9th anniversary of its IPO. CNBC's Bob Pisani and Simon Hobbs discuss.

  • Who's outperformed Google?

    It was 9 years ago today Google went public for $85 a share. Now the tech giant is one of the priciest names on the street. After falling 5 percent in the last 3 months, Stephen Weiss and Mike Murphy debate the winning trade. And CNBC's Dominic Chu takes a look at other top preforming stocks.

  • Google up 900% since IPO nine years ago

    Google started trading at $85 a share when it first went public. Steven Levy, Wired Magazine, joins to discuss the tech giant's big milestone and where it likely goes from here.

  • In the world of cyber fraud, a fake fan on Instagram can be worth five times more than a stolen credit card number.

  • Logging in the Amazon is closely linked with road building.

    Nestlé and Unilever will soon be able to see what’s going on in any tropical forests in real-time, down to 1 meter. Is this the "good side" of the surveillance state?

  • Time Warner-CBS stalemate continues

    Robert Armstrong, Financial Times, has the update on the fee feud between CBS and Time Warner, and provides an outlook on the cable industry and the way consumers will eventually receive content. Also a look back at Google as it approaches the ninth anniversary of its IPO.

  • Yahoo named former eBay executive Maynard Webb as its permanent chairman. The move comes as CEO Marissa Mayer's turnaround effort hits the one-year mark.

  • Gregg Fisher of the Gerstein Fisher Multi-Factor Growth Equity Fund and Matt Litfin of the William Blair Small Mid-Cap Growth Fund dish up some investing advice.