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  • The new tech titans are building the tools that influence our daily lives, giving us games like Words with Friends, and the ability to stream our favorite TV shows wherever we are, on whatever gadgets we choose.But where do they rest their bleary eyes after their late-night hackathons? Some prefer a modest place to call home, belying their rock-star-nerd status. But others have splurged and shown that it really pays to be a geek after all.

    Some prefer a modest place to call home, belying their rock-star-nerd status. But others have splurged, showing it really pays to be a geek after all.

  • Google's drop in quarterly revenue shows the search giant is losing momentum, Benchmark Co. internet analyst Clayton Moran told CNBC Friday.

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    How do the best entrepreneurs manage to succeed so often and so convincingly?

  • Google Down 8% on Earnings Miss

    Google's first miss in six years is sending shares down 8 percent. Insight on how investors should play the stock now, with Clayton Moran, The Benchmark Company, and Colin Sebastian, Robert W. Baird & Co.

  • US stock index futures turned lower Friday as investors kept a close watch on Greece as the debt-ridden nation remains in talks with private creditors over a haircut on some of its bonds and after GE's revenue missed forecast.

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    Happy Friday! Take a look at some of this morning's early movers:

  • IBM Earnings Boost Shares

    We really are in a new economy, says Mark Stahlman, TMT Strategies, who says Microsoft, IBM and Intel earnings beating the Street displays leadership in a digital age.

  • Google Q4 Results Disappoint

    There are a lot of things that Google is doing behind the scenes in terms of tweaking the algorithm and high priced arbitrage spammers off the system is hurting revenue generating by Google, with Mark Mahaney, Citigroup Investment Research U.S. internet analyst, who also says the vast majority of its revenue is from PC search and more users are conducting mobile search.

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    Google’s big earnings miss could hang over the market Friday, even as investors turn their attention to multinational General Electric and focus on some of the brighter spots in tech.

  • Google Headquarters

    Google's earnings and revenue failed to hit analysts' targets, a rare miss for the Internet giant, which has beaten on revenue for 8 straight quarters. Shares fell about 10%.

  • Analyst: Google's Future 'Click' Trends

    Jason Helfstein, Oppenheimer & Co. analyst, discusses Google's earnings miss and the outlook for the tech giant. Also, the Fast Money traders weigh in on whether to buy Google on the dip.

  • Google shares dropped in after-market trading on disappointing earnings, leading “Fast Money” pros to take a pass on the stock — for now.

  • Google's Big Q4 Earnings Miss

    The Fast Money traders weigh in on Google's huge earnings miss and how to play it, and CNBC's Jon Fortt has the latest details from Google's conference call, saying the company's "clicks" are up but still revenue & EPS dropped. Also, Fast Money's Jon Najarian weighs in on the best tech trades to make, and the after hours action on Microsoft, with the Fast Money crew.

  • Stocks finished modestly higher Thursday, posting a three-day rally, thanks to a better-than-expected jobless claims report and as financials rallied following BofA's earnings report. Still, gains were largely muted throughout the session as investors hesitated to jump in following the recent run-up in stocks.

  • Fortune magazine’s annual 100 Best Companies to Work For came out today, and while most of the companies on the list are large firms — Google’s spacer No. 1 — there are a lot of takeaways for small businesses among the companies on the list.

  • Despite nagging concerns about the euro zone, major stock indices — S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000 — are off to a strong start this year, while volatility has been falling.

  • Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

  • California Attorney General and democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown.

    California governor Jerry Brown said Wednesday in his 'State of the State' speech: "tax revenues are increasing and the state deficit has been reduced significantly, though a 9 billion hole remains," before  asking voters to approve tax hikes.

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    Fabian Thylmann lacks the icon status of Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt, but he has quietly become one of the most powerful people in porn over the past two years.

  • The Wikipedia website has shut down its English language service for 24 hours in protest over the US anti-piracy laws.

    There’s been a ton of attention today to the massive to the anti-piracy Stop Online Piracy Act  - But few have explained why EVERY SINGLE media giant supports the bill and why they’re desperate to fight piracy.